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[Guide] Top 10 Tools To Create Animated Videos!

With YouTube’s swelling popularity and the trend of taking assistance from video tutorials in household, education or just about any field, people with some useful skills are frequently making training or explainer videos. But what video producers don’t realize is that apart from the level of your skill, the presentation style actually vouches for your video’s success.

However, creating captivating videos is easier said than done, especially if you’re using the traditional video editors like Adobe Premiere or iMovie. But, there is a solution to that i.e. using video creator tools designed especially to create animated, explainer videos.

These tools help you make explainer or training videos using simple drag-and-drop interface, and offer lots of customization features including video clips, photos, etc. Have I got your interest? Alright then, let’s check the best video creators to create short, animated, explainer or training videos.

1. Powtoon 2

Powtoon generates captivating videos that help engage viewers. I like its intuitive interface that doesn’t expect you to be a pro to make good videos. And it helps you to explain the entire idea in a short, animated video — a technique that proves to be more effective than others.

Powtoon helps create videos easily

Using its built-in drag and drop templates, you can create a professional instructional video in less than an hour. Moreover, you can use charts and graphs in your videos to provide analytics aka statistics of your products and services. Powtoon offers the option to download your videos in HD quality and you can also export them to PDF or PPT format.

Powtoon's drag and drop templates

This online tool also offers unlimited royalty-free music that you can apply as background music in your creations. Last but not the least, you can use Powtoon to create videos for commercial as well as marketing purposes without paying anything.

Price: For basic features – Free and for pro features – $19 – $59 per month

2. Animaker

Animaker allows creating videos in various styles, namely handcraft, infographic, typography, 2D, and 2.5D. It offers an easy drag-and-drop feature that lets you select and add images and sounds in your video quickly than ever. Animaker supports creating videos of length up to 30 minutes in different quality modes, such as full HD, HD, and SD.

Animaker's video creator

With Animaker you can insert graphs, maps, statistics, and infographic elements in videos. That’s not all, it also offers custom fonts, premium templates, text effects, and a plenty of sound effects. You can also import images and audio files from your computer.

Animaker's ready-made templates

Thanks to all these features to create awesome animations, Animaker can help you boost your business’s conversion rates and improve sales. And it’s very easy to start with Animaker, making it one of my favorite go-to tools to creating short animated videos.

Price: For basic features – Free and for pro features – $12 – $49 per month

3. Biteable 1

Biteable boasts to be the simplest animated video creator, and I feel the same after using it. This gorgeous tool lets you add text, photos, colors, and sound to customize your video in a drag-and-drop timeline. It also offers plenty of scenes like animation, live action, and photo in numerous styles, and you can even use its ready-made templates.

Create videos using Biteable

Biteable gives you the flexibility to animate your logo, make presentations or make a cool slideshow using its given video elements. From its store of 85k footage clips, you can choose the right clip or upload your own footage to make your video. And once the video is ready, you can share it on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or embed it in your website.

Biteable's free video templates

Price: For basic features – Free, and for pro features – $99 per year | More details

4. Wideo 2

Wideo lets you create animated videos with its drag-and-drop visual elements. With its easy customization options, you can edit logo, add text, change colors, and do much more. I like its free ready-made templates that help to create an animated video in just some minutes. And one can also add background music and transition effects in one’s videos.

Wideo's drag-and-drop interface

This tool offers creating videos without length limits, and provides a full graphic library for including backgrounds in videos. With its 50+ amazing soundtracks, you can add the perfect sound per your video needs. It also offers a cloud storage to store and manage your videos, and a useful feature to show any video as slideshow presentation.

Wideo's video templates

As per my experience, Wideo is well suitable for marketers, trainers, and designers, and allows anyone to create a series of videos using its original artworks and soundtracks. You can also create cool videos for social media campaigns that generate more leads or to improve your email marketing’s click-through rate.

Price: $59 – $199 per month

5. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is one of the best premium video makers. It offers powerful drag and drop tools to add a character, swap a background, or start a scene in your video. I was amazed at seeing its automatic lip-sync feature that works on its own after choosing a voice track.

GoAnimate's drag-and-drop interface

Another fun feature is its character creator tool that lets you create your own animated character. You can also use your brand’s logo, and additional resources like audio files, images, and videos from your computer. In short, using this tool and its various features, you can create unlimited videos with unique design and content.

GoAnimate's video templates

You can share the final video on YouTube and other social networks, download it in full-HD resolution or as a GIF, and embed it in your website easily. GoAnimate also offers 100+ premium tracks and video loops along with thousands of backgrounds, props and characters.

Price: $39 – $159 per month | More details

6. Animatron

Animatron lets you explain your story with hundreds of animated characters, props, and dozens of backgrounds. Its goal is to help you get your audience’s attention and improve your website’s conversion rate. You can import images, audio files, and even fonts to add more customization to your videos. And you can even create and animate your own graphics.

Create animated videos using Animatron

You can create numerous yet unique videos, thanks to its libraries of royalty-free audio and video clips, photos, animated objects, and characters. This online video makers lets you import ready-made market content, and include them in your own videos. The generated videos can be exported in GIF format and HTML5 and various other video formats.

Video samples made by Animatron

Moreover, the final video is also embeddable on your sites and blogs, and can also be shared to social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you ask me, I feel it’s a powerful tool for everyone including newbies who are looking to start for free.

Price: For basic features – Free, and for pro features – $30 – $60 per month | More details

7. RawShorts

RawShorts is a drag and drop whiteboard animation tool where you can create interactive videos quickly using dozens of professionally-designed templates. As with other tools, you can add text, media, audio, and effects to make the video look fresh and exciting. This online tool also provides thousands of graphics, characters, and built-in charts.

Rawshorts's media library

The generated video can be promoted on YouTube or shared on Facebook and others, and can even be downloaded in MP4 format. I feel RawShorts is especially helpful for marketers, trainers, and educators to showcase complex ideas in form of easy videos. Moreover, it doesn’t require any animation skills, thus making it highly usable for everyone.

RawShorts's built-in charts

Price: For basic features – Free, and for pro features – $8 – $20 per export | More details

8. mysimpleshow

Mysimpleshow provides a number of storyline templates and thousands of simpleshow illustrations for creating explainers. The tool offers tips to write the perfect script for your video, and automatically generates the storyboard using its explainer engine. At last, you can configure the video’s speed, and then publish the final video on YouTube.

mysimpleshow's video creation process

It even supports uploading custom logo and images, and adding text yourself. Moreover, you can also record your own voice-over, and the tool will auto-synchronize it with your story. Thankfully, you can also download the final video in MP4 format. But as it restricts adding colors in its free plan, so I won’t recommend it if you’re looking for a free tool.

Create explainers easily using mysimpleshow

Price: For basic features – Free and for pro features – $5.99 – $499 per month | More details

9. VideoScribe

VideoScribe lets you create effective whiteboard videos in easy steps. You only need to add media, set animation options, record voiceover or choose a soundtrack, and finalize the video by configuring the customization options. Additionally, the online tool offers a huge database of free media content including audio clips, images, etc.

VideoScribe's interface to create explainers

You can also choose the video’s size or resolution, and remove the tool’s logo aka watermark from the videos. The videos are generated in HD quality and can be downloaded in MOV, WMV, and AVI formats, unlike above video creators. Also, the final video can be saved to its own cloud or shared on social networks including Facebook and YouTube.

Price: $29 per month | More details

10. Moovly Studio

Moovly Studio is an advanced video maker cum editor that offers numerous pre-built, pre-animated, and editable media objects for creating your videos. Its powerful editor supports all browsers and gives you access to 500k+ royalty-free media objects. As per my experience, it’s the most powerful drag-and-drop video tool for creating explainer videos.

Moovly's video editor

Moovly comes with an improved interface and claims to bring new features fortnightly. You can create videos of unlimited lengths, and download those videos in HD quality. It allows publishing them to its gallery, and embedding or sharing them on your site or social media respectively. Moreover, you can remove the watermark, and also import custom media.

Moovly offers free media objects

Price: $5 per month

More video creating tools

Here are few more tools you might also want to check out:


Video creation tools have revolutionized the video creation market. Additionally, explainer or training videos help in presenting your ideas, strategies or complex topics easily than ever. And that’s why, these tools have helped companies to bring in more leads, and enabled students to learn better.

And if you ask me, Powtoon is my most favorite tool for creating videos easily and quickly. It’s interface is super friendly that helps me make videos and add fun in them. Though others are also good, yet you must try them before choosing the best tool for you.

Enjoy![Guide] Top 10 Tools To Create Animated Videos!

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