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Websites for Full-Time Remote Tech Jobs

It is common knowledge that one can bring in some money by working remotely. You may even be one of the millions of people who’ve searched for jobs that could give you the flexibility and comfort of working from wherever you wish – whether that’s from home, a coffee shop, or your personal creative space.

Often, people think of these remote jobs as a casual position that wouldn’t last or sufficient enough to make a living. Right, how could something that lets you work on your own time and place pay you well? It is hard to take a scenario like this seriously.

Yet, the fact is that there are many vacancies usually in the tech and marketing fieldsweb development & design which pay full (instead of watered-down) rates for your skills and contributions, regardless of whether they see you in their local office or not. Check out these job listing sites to find these jobs. (Source: Hongkiat)

1. 9

AngelList is one of the top sites for startup jobs. It provides a list of different developing companies that offer a wide range of employment opportunities, most particularly in the field of web engineering and marketing.

Aside from the positions available, it also includes a brief description of the companies to help you construe the business well. Through it, you can directly apply and contact investors.


This site is also commendable in a way that for every job available, it allows you to see the salary and equity upfront. Most companies can pay more than $100k in a year for a full time position, but you can also find other types of jobs (eg: contract, internship).


The positions can also be explored by location. When looking for a remote job, make sure to apply “Remote OK” in the options, or just click here 9.

2. Crossover 2

Crossover, also known as Crossover for Work, is another place where you can find jobs offered by the best companies worldwide. Different opportunities can be searched by category, each of them high paying.

In contrast to AngelList, the firms on this site only offer long-term careers with 40+ hours of work per week. These careers mainly involve software developmentsales and marketingprofessional services, and executive management.


This job listing site has a meticulous team that evaluates the applicants to ensure the companies that only the best talents are being hired.

Unlike the typical hiring process of a resume assessment followed by an interview, the Crossover team uses data algorithms and on-the-job scenario skills testing to choose the person that is fit for each position. So remember, apply only for the role you think you deserve.


Crossover only allows one application at a time, so you will have to be rejected or you need rescind your current application before you can apply to a different job. Once successful in exams and interview, that’s where the real fun begins.

3. f6s 2

Many startup organizations today have been employing their talents through F6S, making the service useful for both founders and jobseekers.

The site presents a job listing for both remote positions and on location. Along with this option, you can also search for jobs by compensation and equity. The roles usually vary from being a web developer, general engineer and sales/business developer.


What makes F6S appealing is that it doesn’t only let you connect with the company owners but it also offers a variety of services including getting free deals and exposure.

If you’re itching to work for a high-growth startup, this site is surely worth checking out. With over a million of founders and startups registered, it’s nearly impossible to find nothing that piques your interest.

4. RemoteOK 6

Instead of letting you connect directly with the companies, RemoteOK leads you to the position you are looking for. Basically, it collects the remote jobs you wish to find on the web and lets you filter them by date and category. It is designed specifically for web developers/designers and mobile developers but it also offers a list of non-tech jobs.


The site also provides information on the highest paid remote jobs. The data includes the estimated salary for each job category and the number of positions available for each role. The trends obtained by the site is also of importance for both startup companies and those looking for remote jobs.

5. Career Builder 1

At CareerBuilder, you can search jobs based on category, company, and location. It allows you to be as specific as you want, from the recentness of the job posting to the employment type and to compensation.

A lot of the big names from all over the world today have trusted this site in looking for their employees. It features jobs of different kinds which are advantageous not only for tech savvy people but for other professionals as well.


Once you sign up on CareerBuilder, you can upload your resume and update your profile to get a higher chance of finding a position that fits your skills and experience. Job recommendations give you a variety of choices and keep you updated on the companies that are currently looking for talents.

Give it a go

If working remotely has ever crossed your mind, maybe it’s time for you to give it a try before somebody else gets hold of the position you’ve been eyeing. As you already know by now, more people are considering it as it gets more prevalent.

Looking for a remote work is not particularly difficult. All you have to do is do some research and have the patience in exploring. With the right mindset and suitable abilities, you can start taking control of your life.

The best resources are already given and who knows, your dream job might just be one click away!

Happy learning!Websites for Full-Time Remote Tech Jobs

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