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Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting ( ZTM ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting ( ZTM ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Learn Bash Scripting without any preparation, from an industry master. You'll learn Shell Scripting fundamentals, ace the command line, and get the training and experience you want to go from fledgling to having the option to get recruited as a DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin, or Network Engineer!

Course outline

We promise you that this is the most far reaching and exceptional online asset to learn Bash Scripting and get recruited as a SysAdmin, DevOps Engineer, or Network Engineer.


  •  Learn and comprehend the force of shell scripting
  •  Compose your own Bash contents to automate administrator errands like data backup and restoring, email alerts, client administration, and security inspecting
  •  Active practice with coding challenges, demos, and tests with arrangements
  •  Ace command line abilities expected to productively work with different programming languages
  •  Learn one of the most sought after abilities for DevOps Engineers, Network Engineers, and SysAdmins
  •  Have what it takes and comprehension of Bash to unhesitatingly apply for occupations

Bash means “Bourne Again SHell“, and is a substitution/improvement of the first Bourne shell.

This Bash course covers all the Shell Scripting best practices and patterns for 2023 and is centered around productivity.


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