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DevOps for Developers ( Frontendmasters ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

DevOps for Developers ( Frontendmasters ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

By partaking alongside us in the studio, you'll learn:

Acquire information to characterize the “why, what and who” for DevOps at any company.

Your (Amazing) Teacher

Erik Reinert

Erik Reinert is a Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years of involvement with a few fields of software development. Beginning in frontend before backend and fullstack then moving concentration to hierarchical problem solving in DevOps and Infrastructure. With the energy of tracking down the best answer for any problem through joint effort and documentation.

Everyday Timetable

We've previously held more than 300 studios with huge number of participants face to face and on the web. In this time we've found ways of booking the day, so it goes without a hitch and effectively. In any case assuming you're face to face or partaking with us online you'll have the full capacity to replay things you missed, get your inquiries responded to LIVE and cooperate with the educator over the course of the day.


  • Introduction


  • Why, What, Who is DevOps?


  • Principles versus Rules


  • The Advantage of TDDs


  • Lunch


  • Recognizing Problems


  • Tracking down Arrangements


  • Automating Everything



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