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Udemy Coupon Grabber & Course Enroller: Grab FREE Coupons! – Google Drive Links

Udemy Coupon Grabber & Course Enroller: Grab FREE Coupons!

Do you want to LEARN NEW STUFF for FREE? Don't worry, with the power of web-scraping and automation, this script will find the necessary Udemy Coupons & enroll you to PAID UDEMY COURSES, ABSOLUTELY FREE!



The code scrapes course links and coupons from:

In case of any bugs or issues, please open an issue in github.

Also, don't forget to Fork & Star the repository if you like it!

We are also on GitLab

Video Proof:

Udemy Auto-Course-Enroller

Disclaimer & WARNINGS:

  1. Use this ONLY for Educational Purposes! By using this code you agree that I'm not responsible for any kind of trouble caused by the code. THIS PROJECT IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH UDEMY.
  2. Make sure web-scraping is legal in your region.
  3. This is NOT a hacking script, i.e., it can't enroll you for a specific course! Instead it finds courses that provide coupon links to make the transaction free and then LEGALLY enroll you to the course!


How to Install the Requirements?

Required Python version: Python 3.8+

You must have pip or poetry installed. Please look up how to install them in your OS.

Download a release of this project or clone the repository then navigate to the folder where you placed the files on. Type pip install -r requirements.txt to get all the requirements installed in one go. Similar instructions applies for poetry.


Props to Davidd Sargent for making a super simple video tutorial. If you prefer written instructions then continue reading further, else click on the image below for a quick video tutorial:

1 . Install from PyPI pip install udemy-enroller

  • Run the script and the cli will guide you through the settings required
  • If you decide to save the settings they will be stored in your home directory:
    Windows: C:/Users/CurrentUserName/.udemy_enroller
    Linux: /home/username/.udemy_enroller

The values in settings.yaml should be in the same language as the site you are browsing on

2 . The script can be passed arguments:

  • --help: View full list of arguments available
  • --discudemy: Run the discudemy scraper only
  • --coursevania: Run the coursevania scraper only
  • --tutorialbar: Run the tutorialbar scraper only
  • --max-pages=<NUMBER>: Max number of pages to scrape from sites before exiting the script (default is 5)
  • --delete-settings: Delete existing settings file
  • --debug: Enable debug logging

3 . Run the script in terminal like so:

  • udemy_enroller

4 . The bot starts scraping the course links from the first All Courses page on Tutorial BarDiscUdemy and Coursevania and starts enrolling you to Udemy courses. After it has enrolled you to courses from the first page, it then moves to the next site page and the cycle continues.

  • Stop the script by pressing ctrl+c in terminal to stop the enrollment process.


1. Can I get a specific course for free with this script?

Unfortunately no, but let me assure you that you may be lucky enough to get a particular course for free when the instructor posts its coupon code in order to promote it. Also, over time you would build a library of courses by running the script often and have all the required courses in your collection. In fact, I made this course after completing a Python automation course and selenium, which of course I got for free! 🙂

2. How does the bot work?

The bot retrieves coupon links from Tutorial Bar, DiscUdemy and Coursevania's lists to cut the prices and then uses REST requests to authenticate and enroll to the courses. Think of it this way: Epic Games & other clients like Steam provide you a handful of games each week, for free; Only in this case, we need a coupon code to make those courses free.

3. How frequently should you run the script?

Daily, at least once! I've painstakingly amassed over 4000 courses in the last four years! And out of those 4000, I've only paid for 4 of these courses.

So, a mere 0.001% of courses are actually paid in my collection! Thankfully, you can get more than what I gathered in 4 years, in a matter of weeks! 🙌🏻

4. Why did I create this?

It used to be my daily habit to redeem courses and it was an extremely tedious task that took around 15 minutes, for 10 courses. And then I suddenly got the idea to automate it, after I found the automation course mentioned above. I bet, it will save your precious time too! 🙂

5. The code compiles successfully, but it's taking too long to work! IS there any way to fix that?

Since we are heavily dependent on a third-party site to retrieve coupons links, there may be issues when the site is down. Needless to mention the connectivity issues too. If everything is working fine, you can see the courses being retrieved in the Python console/shell, which may take a while.

6. Which is the best way to run the script?

It is recommended to run the script using your terminal and system python.

7. Which branch to commit against?

Pull request should be made on “develop” branch.

8. What's the roadmap?

Take a look at our Roadmap here and help us on what you want or talk to us about your proposed changes.

Support & Maintenance Notice

By using this repo/script, you agree that the authors and contributors are under no obligation to provide support for the script and can discontinue it's development, as and when necessary, without prior notice.

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