Nomad Coder – Instagram Clone Coding 3.0 Free Download – Google Drive Links

What is Clone Coding
Best Way to Learn to Code
We believe that the best way to become a developer is by doing clone coding. It is very easy to get bored and unmotivated in the beginning if all you learn is theory. When we do clone coding we skip the theory and jump right into making useful and beautiful things. Is easy to forget theory, it’s impossible to forget practice. After you take this course you will have a working application that YOU made…

What will you make
Backend + Frontend + App + Server
We are cloning not only frontend but also an app!
We clone core features such as taking a photo, uploading it, browsing the feed, searching, following, and even messaging!

What will you learn
Email LoginEmail VerificationUser ProfileFollow / UnfollowDirect Messages
Search PhotoLike PhotoCommet on PhotosPhoto FeedUpload Photo
NavigationCameraPermissionsMedia LibraryGeolocation

Who is this for
Good Knowledge of JS, ReactJS, React Native, GraphQL and Apollo Required

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