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How To Get Unlimited Google Drive Space – Google Drive Links

As the title says, unlimited Google Drive space for free.


Okay so let’s get into this. Here’s my drive before, as you can see the shared drives option is not even visible to me.

There are a number of sites that provide this service, I’m choosing to use or this time, but I’ve listed some more below

What you do now is you navigate to one of these sites, enter our Google Mail, what domain we want to recieve the shared drive from and the name we want on the drive.

And now when you go back to Drive you’ll see that shared drives option is now showing, and here you can store unlimited files as any file uploaded here does not count towards the 15GB assigned to you. Altough I wouldn’t recommend it, I’ve heard of dudes storing 50TB+ using this.

The nice thing about this is that the bot creating the shared drive automatically removes itself, but as stated before, I would not trust this with any personal or sensitive data as there is absolutely no guarantees that google or the provider himself just decides to wipe everything.

That’s it, enjoy your unlimited gdrive. Also this is my first post, I hope it was decent enough


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