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Drone SecOps: Offense & Defense [Worth 1490$+] Free Download – Google Drive Links

This course is designed for individuals who are in the defensive or offensive security fields operating drones, counter-drone or UTM systems. This course is for professionals and beginners alike, looking to use drones in red team engagements, assess the effectiveness of Counter-Drone systems and manage the software development security of UTM systems.

Why take this course?

Becoming DroneSec certified means understanding the key attack and defence methodologies when approaching the drone industry. Practical and in-depth, this module focuses on security professionals being able to make tactical and strategic decisions both in the field and from an operations center.

Anyone finishing this course will be able to successfully navigate a drone security program for their organisation and perform security testing on drone, Counter-Drone and UTM systems.

What will I walk away with?

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Security Risks and Attack Vectors within the Drone Industry
  • Cyber, Physical and Kinetic Security Vectors
  • Responding to, Simulating and Preparing for Intrusions

Participants will get an in-depth practical understanding of the various digital concepts that apply to drone technologies.

Students will be able to perform basic penetration tests, forensics, and undertake incident response activities for a variety of drone types. Finally, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the various technologies that exist for detecting and defeating malicious drones, and the strategies operators take to avoid detection and take-downs.

Students will walk away with the basic playbooks required to assess the effectiveness of their Counter-Drone controls and protect their assets and environments from rogue intruders.

   Source GDrive Mega

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