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Download Composing Layouts in React – Newline Free Download – Google Drive Links

Download Composing Layouts in React – Newline Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Download Composing Layouts in React - Newline Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

This course is about building complex layouts in React by composing just a few foundational layout primitives. The course covers modern CSS layout tools like Normal Flow, Flexbox, and Grid. You will learn what it means to compose layouts, how to apply the principles of Encapsualted CSS in React components, and the foundational layout primitives that every developer should know. The course will teach you how to build modern layouts for the web without depending on heavy CSS frameworks. The course is divided into 4 modules with 25 lessons and a total duration of 4 hours and 52 minutes. The instructor is Travis Waith-Mair, a senior front-end developer and the creator of the Bedrock Layout Primitives, a library of components designed to make layout composition easier.

In this course we tell you the best way to build complex layouts in React by composing only a couple basic layout primitives. En route you will learn modern CSS Layout devices like Normal Flow, Flexbox, and Grid.

What You Will Learn

Composing layouts and why you ought to get it done

The most effective method to apply the standards of Encapsualted CSS in our React components

The basic layout primitives that each engineer ought to know

CSS layout has developed and developed into a hearty arrangement of instruments to achieve a few incredible modern layouts. The issue is that we are as yet showing CSS as something that is” hacked” together by utilizing” stunts” to get our ideal web layouts. Learning CSS like this commonly leads us down one of two ways: We either build delicate page layouts utilizing the “see what sticks” strategy forΒ 

Course Satisfied
4 modules25 lessons4h 52m aggregate
1 lesson2m complete

Welcome to Composing Layouts in React

Prologue to Composing Layouts in React


2:30 minutes

Composable Layouts
6 lessons37m complete

CSS In The Time of Components

Involving CSS in this time of components is troublesome, particularly where web layout is concerned. In this module, you can learn the guidelines to build composable layouts.


2:14 minutes

Composing Layouts

Complex layouts can be separated into more modest layout primitives that can be consolidated to build more complex designs. Thinking compositionally will open up a more pragmatic and reusable approach to making layouts on the web.


5:33 minutes

Encapsulated CSS

Knowing where to put your styles is basic to understanding composable layouts. Utilizing the Standards of Encapsulated CSS you will know precisely how to apply your layout styles in your components.


8:53 minutes

Normal Flow as Composable Layouts

In the example, you will learn about Normal Flow and what designs you can use to apply the standard of Encapsulated CSS with regards to Normal Flow.


8:42 minutes

CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid as Composable Layouts

You will learn the essentials of CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid, particularly which properties adjust to the Encapsulated CSS standards and which ones don't.


6:27 minutes

A CSS Reset For Composable Layouts

In this example you will learn how to reset the default program styles so they follow Encapsulated CSS.

Your Teachers
Travis Waith-Mair

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Travis Waith-Mair. I'm a senior front-end designer and the maker of the Bedrock Layout Primitives,, a library of components intended to make layout creation simpler.

I'm additionally the creator of The newline Manual for Composing Layouts in React here at newline.

πŸ‘‹ Hello there! I'm Travis Waith-Mair. I'm a Senior Frontend Designer and the maker of the layout library, Bedrock Layout Primitives. I'm energetic about CSS layout and anticipate showing you the very abilities that I learned to build this library.


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