CleverProgrammer – The Profitable Programmer 2.0 Free Download

CleverProgrammer – The Profitable Programmer 2.0 Free Download

About this course

The completely new and rehauled version of the Profitable Programmer is now a 16-week program that helps you break out of your 9-5, gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want, and ultimately puts you on the path to go from zero to 6-figures as a Python freelancer.

  • What if you could look at a blank page in sublime text without feeling crippled and frustrated thinking “Ugh. I don’t even know where to start”?
  • What if you could look at a blank screen and knew EXACTLY what to do to START and FINISH your next project from scratch?
  • What if you had clients who you charge what you’re worth by building full-stack web applications because they see you as a trusted advisor who knows what they need & why they need it and not just some hired-gun freelancer who they hired because you had the lowest prices.

How it all started for me

When I was 12 years old… I was with my family and got in a car crash. Everyone else came out just fine. Except for my mom. The doctor came out and told us that both of my mom’s back disks got dislocated. My heart sank.

And I would have to see someone I loved so much go through so much pain & misery for 9 straight years.

Getting her a surgery was out of the question. It was $30,000 for one night at the hospital. And even though my brother was working in an IT company and my dad was working double shifts as a security guard… None of them were able to afford her surgery.

She would have to call me to walk her up the stairs. Tuck her in bed. I would always have to be on full alert when I would sleep because if there was something wrong with her, I could jump out of bed and go help her.

That was the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It was a crippling feeling of complete helplessness. That was the moment I thought to myself that when I’m older I wanna be doing something different with my life. Not just a regular job where I can barely make enough for myself to survive. So this NEVER happens to ANYONE that I care about.

It became my mission that when I’m older, I’m gonna have enough money to live comfortably for myself, take care of my family, and help my mom get her surgery.

I mean don’t get me wrong. I wanted to be able to make A LOT of money. I wanted girls. I wanted respect. I wanted to feel significant. I wanted people to look at me in pure AWE and just go “Wow… I have no effin’ idea how this guy does that.”

But, my mom was my #1 drive on getting started on my journey to becoming a developer that kept me going through all the hardest shit I would have to go through.

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