[BOT] [Tested] New Edu Email Creator Bot

This is a bot to make a edu email without doing anything!
This is a new bot and working and tested :wink:

First you need to install python: Downloads 166
Skip this step if you’ve already installed python

Edu creator bot via Anonfile: Download 400 or use Mega link 8 (Added by Chief @SaMGitHub Link of creator 13

After you install both of them, Now lets get into the process.

  1. Open your cmd and type python -m pip install requests (If it say python is not an internal or external commands, Make sure you add it to PATH)
  2. Extract the rar files.
    Extract RAR
  3. Open the folder and double click the setup.py file (Important)
  4. Let it download the requirement to run the bot.
  5. After its downloaded, there will be 2 options. The option 1 is a firefox browser and the option 2 is chrome. choose the browser that you have installed. In my case its chrome.
    Choose Browser
  6. After you chosen, double click the bot.py file.
  7. Choose between 4 colleges.
  8. Then type your email (Must your real email).
    College And Email
  9. Then the bot will run it self in the browser that you choose.
    (Important Note: Do not close the browser or minimize it, the program will error and you need to restart)
  10. After sometimes, you need to complete the recaptcha manually because the bot cannot done it by themself.
    reCaptcha1051×529 42.1 KB
  11. After the creating accounts and application process, your account will automatically stored in myccAcc.txt


Note: if its not working upgrade your python then its should working!
Update: Im uploaded photos so you guys wouldn’t confused

If you encounter any problem let me know.

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