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20 ChatGPT And AI Chrome Extensions Free

20 ChatGPT And AI Chrome Extensions Free

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20 ChatGPT And AI Chrome Extensions Free 3

ChatGPT has revolutionized online conversations with its advanced language capabilities. To further expand its functionality, developers have created a variety of Chrome extensions that seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT.

In this article, we will explore 20 remarkable ChatGPT Chrome extensions that provide features such as automated meeting notes, transcription services, language translation, social media optimization, and more. Let’s delve into these extensions and discover how they can supercharge your ChatGPT experience.

20 AI/ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Without further ado, we present to you twenty incredible Chrome extensions to enhance your browsing experience. These extensions, listed in no particular order, offer a wide range of features and functionalities to make your online activities more efficient, enjoyable, and productive.

1. Alicent AI

Alicent AI is a ChatGPT-powered extension that automates meeting note-taking. It captures and summarizes essential details, saving time and ensuring comprehensive meeting summaries. Get it here 82.

2. Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI automatically captures and transcribes your meetings without any additional actions. It provides accurate and searchable transcripts, allowing easy reference and retrieval of important information. Try Fireflies here 33.

3. Scribe

Scribe, integrated with GPT-4, turns complex procedures into step-by-step guides. It simplifies tasks, improves efficiency, and enables quick understanding by providing concise instructions and explanations. Install Scribe 38.

4. UseChatGPT.AI

With the Use ChatGPT AI extension, you can write, rephrase, summarize, and translate text seamlessly on any website. It leverages ChatGPT’s language capabilities to enhance your writing experience. Get started here 56.

5. YouTube & Article Summary with ChatGPT:

Generate text summaries of YouTube videos with the YouTube Summary extension. It analyzes the video content and provides a concise overview, allowing you to grasp the key points without watching the entire video. Try it here. 38

6. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer assists you in writing emails, messages, and other texts. It helps fix grammar mistakes, rephrases sentences, and provides suggestions to improve your writing skills. Try ChatGPT Writer 39.

7. ChatGPT for Search Engines

Access ChatGPT’s responses directly within search engine results with the ChatGPT for Search Engines extension. Get instant answers and insights without leaving the search page. Get started with installation here 30.

8. FancyGPT

FancyGPT is designed to beautify your ChatGPT conversations. It adds different design elements, color schemes, and highlights to make your conversations visually appealing and engaging. Get to install FancyGPT right now. 21

9. ShareGPT

ShareGPT simplifies the process of sharing your ChatGPT conversations. With just a click of a button, you can instantly share your conversations, eliminating the need for manual exporting. Here is ShareGPT 13.

10. SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot acts as an AI-powered research assistant. It condenses hours worth of reading into minutes by providing summarized information and key points, facilitating quick understanding. Get started with SciSpace Copilot 19 today.

11. Promptbox

Promptbox allows you to save, organize, and store your AI prompts in one place. It is compatible with ChatGPT and other AI models, making it easy to access and reuse your favorite prompts. If you want to get started with Promptbox, download it here 16.

12. Monica

Monica is a versatile extension that provides instant translation, rephrasing, and summarization of texts while browsing the web. It enhances your information exploration by offering language support. Try Monica today. 15

13. Merlin

Merlin brings ChatGPT with you to any website. It allows you to highlight text or webpages and requests ChatGPT’s responses, providing article summaries or YouTube video rundowns. Try Merlin. 13

14. TalkBerry

TalkBerry enables voice interaction with ChatGPT. Simply speak to ChatGPT instead of typing, making conversations more convenient and natural. Get started here. 13

15. TweetGPT

Craft engaging and optimized tweets with the help of ChatGPT using the TweetGPT extension. It suggests snarkier, funnier, or friendlier tweet variations and allows editing before posting. Get to writing optimized tweets today. 15

16. GPT-EZ:

Customize the user interface of ChatGPT with GPT-EZ or Botrush. Personalize the color scheme, font styles, conversation management, and other options according to your preferences. Try Botrush 11 today.

17. SnackPrompt:

SnackPrompt provides access to a curated list of highly rated prompts created by chatbot users worldwide. Get inspiration and ideas for your ChatGPT conversations from this repository of prompts. More information 14.

18. Promptheus

Promptheus adds a handy functionality to ChatGPT by allowing mic input. This extension transforms ChatGPT into a voice assistant similar to Siri, making interactions more intuitive and convenient. Try it here. 15

19. Compose AI

Compose AI automates the process of writing emails. By simply typing a shortcode, the AI chatbot assists in composing various types of emails, saving time and effort. Get Cpmpose AI here. 11

20. WebChatGPT

WebChatGPT addresses one of ChatGPT’s limitations by allowing it to search the web for recent information. With this extension, ChatGPT gains access to up-to-date sources, expanding its knowledge and providing more accurate and relevant responses. With over 1 Million downloads 4, you can get it too here. 39


In conclusion, these 20 ChatGPT Chrome extensions greatly enhance the functionality and versatility of the AI chatbot. They offer features such as automated meeting notes, transcription services, language translation, social media optimization, customization options, email composition, and access to recent information.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, improve language skills, or engage with ChatGPT in new ways, these extensions provide valuable tools to enhance your experience. Install these extensions and unlock the full potential of ChatGPT for various purposes.


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