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???? FREE RDP METHOD [TESTED OUT] ???? 1) Go to : Login with google account 2) 2. After that, you will go to File —–> New Notebook! 3) copy below code and paste it on the screen ( beside play button ) Code : ! wget ! chmod +x ! ./ 4) click on play button 5) wait….. 6) click on the link where it says ” ” 7) click next & authorize 8) copy debian for linux ( number 3 ) 9) paste it below the link where you click on step number 6 10.  AFTER THAT YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR PIN, JUST ENTER SOMETHING LIKE: 54323 AND YOU HAVE TO ENTER SAME PIN 2 TIMES! AND REMEMBER IT BECAUSE YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR IT FOR LOGIN 11) click on 12) it will redirect you to a site where there will be a green coloured PC. Click on it Done Enjoy ????❤️ ???? THIS WILL GIVE YOU ACCESS TO RDP FOR 12 HOURS Only , repeat same method again ????


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