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YouTube + CPA | Easy Money Free Download – Google Drive Links

YouTube + CPA | Easy Money Free Download – Google Drive Links

You’ll need :

  1. A YouTube account – duh.
  2. A chrome browser with the vidIQ Vision extension.
  3. A little cash – $10-20 will do just fine.
  4. A brand new domain. You can go to Namecheap and get one for $1/year with WHOIS protection.
  5. A CPA account – OGads or CPAgrip, take your pick. I’ve used both, they both pay well and on time. No affiliate links added.
  6. Bandicam – Download a cracked version. You’ll need it, you’ll see why.

The best way to find a profitable niche is to get into something you already know a lot about.
My niche was – World of Warcraft

A little history – I’ve been an avid WoW player for a little over 5 years now and when I started playing it, I didn’t have any money for the paid subscription. So like everyone else, I went looking for keys and keygens each time until I finally learnt what CPA was.

A new expansion of the game comes out almost every 2 years and this time, the expansion was gonna be called World of Warcaft : Legion.
Blizzard Entertainment, like always, were giving out BETA keys for the new game expansion to players all over and I knew this was my chance to bank on this. This is basically launch-jacking. So I started off with some research…

Step 1 : Research
I went to YouTube and started looking for videos using search terms like “wow legion beta keys”. I found a few videos. I was trying to gauge how saturated the niche was already. It wasn’t. I knew I was onto something. I also needed to find a good video to see if I could rip it and re-upload it. I found a really nice video but it was heavily watermarked so I did the next best thing – I ripped the landing page.

I can’t code for shit so I needed a ready-to-go landing page for the niche and if you’re ever out of LPs, you only need to find a competitor and rip theirs. Works every damn time.I couldn’t risk going to a designer to get it done as I didn’t want to out this niche. Once I ripped the LP, I removed all the unnecessary images and videos, edited the code a bit and added my locker and then uploaded it to my domain.
I haven’t renewed my hosting cuz I don’t need the domain anymore but I will be uploading the LP files later on so some of you can possibly edit it and use it for niches in the future.

Step 2 : Making the video
What do you do when all the videos in your niche are watermarked? You make your own.
What do you do when you suck at making videos? You use my free method/hack.

Honestly, I couldn’t use any of the videos on YouTube so I had a simple idea in mind. All the videos I’d seen so far were instructional videos so I decided to make one of my own. You only need a minute’s video for the method. Nothing fancy.

I set bandicam to record and opened my site on it and did the steps needed until my locker opened up and then I paused it. And then quickly edited the site’s code to show a key that I ‘unlocked’. That probably didn’t make any sense so I’ll just show you the video later and everything should make sense. Oh and, my video is still up on YouTube.

Step 3 : Uploading the video
The hard part comes after your video is ready. Uploading it and getting traffic is the hard part. But I’ll show you just how to do that too.

Earlier I mentioned installing the vidIQ extension which basically shows you a ton of info about a YouTube video including ALL the tags used by the original uploader. It also let’s you look at the tags the video is ranking for. What else do you need?

So visit all videos on the first page of search results for your key search term, mine being “wow legion beta keys” .Gather as many tags as you can and copy them to notepad.

Upload your video to YouTube with a decent title and throw in your domain URL in the video’s description. Make it look legit. Add in the tags you’ve just gathered. One mention of the URL is more than enough. Use a shortener like BITLY or GOO.GL if you please. Make sure you use YouTube’s non-copyrighted music for the video too.

Set the video to Unlisted. I have always used the Unlisted method with YT and it’s always worked for me, no matter what other people tell you. Always test things for yourself.

Step 4 : Getting traffic, ranking video
If you’ve reached so far, you’re doing good. We’re almost done. Every YT video needs traffic and among billions of videos, it’s hard to stand out. But it’s definitely easy to use a few proven methods to rank your video. Earlier, I mentioned that you’ll need some cash to do this method. You can make do with $10-20. We’re gonna be using this money to send High Retention(HR) views to the video. A lot of people are gonna flip out reading about HR views but they still work with unlisted, so ~
Keep a few fake YT accounts ready before you upload your video. You’ll be using these accounts to like and comment on the video.

You need to follow the next few steps carefully if you wanna rank –
Upload your video. After 2-3 minutes, log into your fake YT account on an incognito window and view the entire video. Also, like the video and throw in a few comments on it. Repeat this with a few accounts. It would be really nice if you used a VPN/proxies to do this so it seems like it’s coming from different places.
At the same time as uploading your video, keep your SMM Provider’s panel open so you can place orders for HR views as soon it’s ready to go. This is a must. You must be receiving your views at least within an hour of placing the order. Buy a few likes too.
For SMM services, I’d highly recommend @NatashaNixon ‘s Instavisits. I’ve been using this panel for quite a while for various things and they’ve never disappointed. I get my orders on time. If you’re skeptical then go with a provider of your choice but make sure they’re HR. These are the services I bought for my video to make it rank.

As you can see from the screenshot, I ordered dripfed views and likes to make it all look legit. All it took me was 1K HR views to rank for major keywords.

If you do all of this right, you will definitely rank your video. I’ve ranked multiple videos using this exact method since forever.

I know my video is probably gonna go down after this thread goes live so I’m gonna post screenshots of it’s analytics and results so it’s forever preserved.

My video was sitting at #1 for the key search term “wow legion beta keys” and after over a year it’s dropped to #3. Mind you, it has solely ranked after being dripfed 1K HR Views and 400 likes.

You can do this for a lot of niches, just think different. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get to them individually. I haven’t done this in a while and I hope some of you can learn something new from here and make bank. I’ve moved on to eCom and it’s been very interesting and I will write up a detailed thread about it too if you guys would be interested in something like that. I’ll also try posting stuff more often. :)

Happy earnings y’all!

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