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Working EDU Email For Free Guaranteed Works 100% – Google Drive Links

Now let’s start how to get it without spending peny:-

1- Go to this website

2- Click on SCC Application website then it’ll automatically take you to opencc website

3- Click on create new account. New screen will appear then click on begin creating account

4- They’ll ask you to fill all personal data. If you don’t want to provide personal data go over to 3

5- On next page provide your real email

6- when you click submit on second page and if it says “We could not verify your home address” just go down below and there will be check box saying I have verified my address just check it and submit

7- On next page fill your username and other shit then hit create account

8- After that the screen will appear showing you your CCCID note it down then hit continue

9- Sign in with your username and password

10- Click on start new application

11- Fill data what (most of it will be filled)

12- Summit your application

That’s it Tada you’ll get your edu email in 1-2 days depending on when you apply. Don’t apply on weekends. You’ll get email from Solano college about your acceptance. In email all information will be provided your username, password. In email there will be guide how to access your edu accoun