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(Updated) Lynda Courses Downloader with GUI [v2.0.0] Free Download – Google Drive Links

I am learning C# and wanted to make a project that helps me practice it. I made a 20 account a while ago using @SaM ‘s method 56 whick made me want to create a program that downloads courses for offline use and at the same time practice my c#. I had no intention to share my program until @Makaroni_Makaroni asked for a program that downloads courses by scraping 20. I was already doing that with my program by using Selenium so I thought why not share my program.

GUI is available for the windows version with CLI version for macos and linux
Moreover, I am working on the ability to download the course to Google Drive directly.

Program Github link : 358
Releases : 152

Why use this lynda downloader?

  • The only Lynda Courses Downloader with a GUI as I couldn’t find any other working ones
  • Easy to use
  • Cross platform
  • Download in the video quality you like
  • Doesn’t need the lynda desktop app
  • Download Exercise files automatically
  • Download multiple courses at a time
  • Automatically extract lynda token cookie from Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge

Easy install

Just go to the releases section 150, download the version that suits your platform and make sure you follow the requirements.


At least .Net Framework 4.6.2 which comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607)

How to use

  • WindowsJust run the Setup file. A shortcut will be added to your desktop and start menu
  • LinuxOpen a terminal in the directory of the LyndaCoursesDownloader program then type : chmod 777 ./LyndaCoursesDownloader and to run the program type: ./LyndaCoursesDownloader


Getting the lynda authentication token cookie

  • You can now extract the token from your browser’s default profile if you are logged into 20 by pressing Extract Token. If it didn’t work for you, manually get the token as follows:
  • Firefox
    1. Press Shift+F9 on your keyboard OR right click anywhere on the Lynda website , choose “Inspect Element” and click storage.
    2. Look for the word “token” the column “Name”. Copy the value and paste it in the
  • Google Chrome
    1. Right click anywhere on the page and click inspect element OR press F12 on your keyboard
    2. Click on the 2 arrows in the top right corner beside the word performance then click Application
    3. Double click on the word “cookies” then click on 15
    4. Look for the word “token” the column “Name”. Copy the value and paste it in the

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