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Udemy – Tailwind CSS – A new way to > THINK < CSS Description

Hello and Welcome!

I just showed you this sailing boat, because what I will teach you in this course will literally push forward your frontend development.

Maybe you heard already that with TailwindCss you can develop beautiful and unique websites and interfaces very rapidly .

But the most important advantage for me is, that you do not have to create endless stylesheets for adapting your website for different screen sizes.

For example if you want to apply a class only for large screen sizes and above you just add a “lg:” to the class that you are using.


  • Having some experience with CSS are necessary. Experience with other CSS frameworks like Bootstrap will help but are not mandatory.

What you’ll learn

  • Style Webcontent with TailwindCSS, fast, efficient, unique and practical

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to style web content with the most modern tool out there

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