[TUTORIAL] How To Use Premium Cookies

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This method of adding cookies to browser is applicable for Envato, Netflix, Skillshare, Curiosity Stream and so on.

How to use a cookie?

Edge users should enabe this in extensions settings :point_down:

 or go 



1: Download and install CookieEditor for Chrome/Edge :point_right: here


**NOW open that website which cookies you have like if u have netflix cookies then open netflix.com and then continue next step

2: Click on the cookie in the top right corner of your browser


3:Click the trash can then the import cookie arrow


4:Import the cookies by clicking icon next to trash icon


5:Click the import icon(bottom right)

6:Refresh the page. If the page does not show any logged in account, the cookies have either expired or account owner logged out.

Tip: You can increase life of the cookies by not changing anything in the account. If the player is on low, please keep on low. Any setting change could change cookies on owner’s browser.

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