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The Ultimate Cracking Megapack From Beginner To Pro

Topics that have been covered in this Guide:

  • Cracking Spotify Accounts
  • Cracking WWE Accounts
  • Cracking Netflix Accounts
  • Cracking Mail Access Accounts
  • Cracking Steam Accounts
  • Cracking uPlay Accounts
  • Cracking Origin Accounts
  • Cracking NordVPN Accounts
  • Cracking Minecraft Accounts
  • Cracking GTA V (Social Club) Accounts
  • Cracking Accounts (Cloud)
  • Cracking Fortnite Accounts
  • How to Generate Netflix Gift Cards [New]
  • Keep cracked accounts for life [New]
  • How to Upgrade your own Spotify account [New]
  • Cracking Resources (Tools etc.)
  • Cracking Configs [New and Improved]

Gathering Proxies

  • Usage of Proxy Scrapers * Tools to grab and check Proxies * Proxy Sources * Websites to buy HQ Proxies –

*** What is a Hash* * Different types of hashes * Find type of a certain hash * Best way to ‘decrypt’ a single hash * How to ‘unhash’ whole combos**

Get your (own) combos

*** SQLi Dumper * Dorks [improved] * What are Dorks and for what we use them * Where to get dorks * How to create dorks using a dork generator * How to handwrite dorks * (Pastebin) Slayer Leecher (not recommended)**

Keep yourself safe

*** Hide your identity * Usage of a VPN + Possible IP Leaks * Special Privacy Browsers With Love 2019 -Update 3- * Viruses and Files Handling * File Encryption + File Deletion * Usage of Sandboxie and VMs * Usage of TOR * Account Safety**

I collected it from sites. I hope you have everything you need. 229

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