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So today, I have something to share with you. It’s The Ultimate All-In-One Refunding and Social Engineering E-Book by someone called Raple. Anyways, I’ve had a good look at this E-Book and I must say it is probably one of the best. It contains everything from choosing a store for refunding to starting your own social engineering empire!

This E-Book has a total of 26+ pages with multiple sections teaching you everything for refunding and social engineering. This document is a collection of years worth of knowledge and experience related to refunding and social engineering.

This book was in itself is a collaboration between Raple and Versa. In his prime, Versa was preforming massive refunds with hundreds of vouches!

This E-Book will teach you so many different skills such as how to choose a store to refund, how to interpret limits for specific stores, how to setup orders correctly for success, how to properly deliver refunded packages and remain safe during the process, how to use untraceable phones and programs, how to call and manage live chat, having the right attitude and mindset and talking to representatives, what excuses and methods to use, a whole plethora of social engineering guidelines, and much more! This E-Book has information for so many different types of people, from the standard user to the already seasoned.

Enough of me talking, take a look for yourself!


Image of contents page: 11 – Includes the table of contents page so you can see everything included in the E-Book.

Download:…_by_Edexcel_rar 27 – Download for the Folder including the E-Book.


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