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The Most Important Tips On How To Not Get Doxxed

  1. Search yourself up. Use every link possible to find information about yourself. You can use varying degrees of information in each link, depending on how anonymous you want to remain. If you find information on yourself that is accurate, figure out how to change or delete it immediately.
  2. Social media. Having any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, instagram etc.) that is linked to your personal life is a bad idea. If you are serious about not getting doxed, you will delete everything linked to your personal life.
  3. Don’t be a dumbass. Giving out personal information is the easiest way to get caught. If someone asks for it, tell them to shove it and move along.
  4. Use common usernames and don’t repeat usernames. This makes it harder to gather all of your information and makes the doxer use multiple tools to find you.
  5. Never connect usernames to gamertags and vice versa. One real life example is of anon “nerdo” who was caught because the police were able to connect his gamertag to him and then connect him to #oppaypal.
  6. If you are truly serious about operational security, considering full hard drive encryption in case shit hits the fan might be a good idea. Study up also on encryption methods that protects your incoming and outgoing traffics from your computer into the worldwide web. As a side note, the most vulnerable part of any connection is at the local level.
  7. Never send pictures including EXIF data a tool to remove EXIF data from your pictures can be found here
  8. Before ordering something online, check the company on sites like If you are ordering from a site, which is fake, they could use your credit card against you. If they have your credit card info, they can get access to a lot of information about you.
  9. Search up your SSN in quotes to see if it’s leaked. (Careful here!)
  10. Remember also to hide your IP address. We recommend Mullvad VPN or Tor and Orbot for Android.
  11. Call your mobile carrier and tell them not to post your number on sites like white pages.
  12. If you can’t delete a account, then change the name, picture, info, and everything else about that account.
  13. Search your own name at sites like to check what there is possible to find about you online. This can also help you, to see which accounts you need to delete, and send them emails to delete your info.
  14. Don’t click on random links. If you do, you could be getting malware that could reveal your personal information, give your IP away and countless other things, like leaking your browser fingerprint that can include your exact GPU model for example.
  15. Don’t make enemies. If you don’t make enemies you won’t get doxed!

Happy learning!


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