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Brett Curry (Smart Marketer) Smart Amazon Ecommerce

About the Author: Brett Curry is the CEO of OMG Commerce, an ecommerce marketing agency and Google Premier Partner.

He’s my go-to expert on everything YouTube and Google.

We recently brought him on to work his magic on BOOM! and he’s been doing an amazing job, especially in our retargeting campaigns.

Brett has a ton of knowledge on how to leverage Google Search, Google Shopping and YouTube for ecommerce…

And in this post, Brett shares his strategies for building winning shopping funnels and crafting better YouTube and Google campaigns.

What is Inside?

Looking to quickly add 10-15% in revenue to your ecommerce brand? Look no further than the new 2023 launch of Amazon expert Brett Curry’s proven system from his $150 million/year agency. With his A-to-Z instructions, you can launch (or scale) your brand onto Amazon in as little as two weeks and start using advanced marketing tactics to unlock the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Smart Amazon Ecommerce course:

MODULE 1: Crucial Cornerstones of Amazon Ecommerce Learn about the goal of Amazon ecommerce, why it’s not too late to get on Amazon, making sales vs. building a brand, using Amazon as a primary or secondary channel, building customer loyalty, and getting familiar with Amazon.

MODULE 2: Preparing Your Launch Roadmap Find your true north with your brand and your customer, do keyword research using Brett’s template, research your competitors, refine your keyword research, optimize your listing, create your listing, acquire reviews, and learn why it all begins with keyword research.

MODULE 3: Managing Amazon Logistics Sweat the small stuff with account setup, understanding seller fees and reimbursement, customer service and messaging, account settings and returns, managing shipping, labeling, and prep, and ensuring account health.

MODULE 4: Setting Up Your Amazon Storefront Use your storefront as a litmus test for your brand with an overview of Amazon storefronts, building out your storefront, using A+ content, and telling your brand story.

MODULE 5: Amazon Marketing Learn why you need to be on Amazon, how to use sponsored ads, how to optimize your ads, and where to start with the simple things.

MODULE 6: What Success on Amazon Looks Like Know what to measure with KPIs, perform account health audits, perform quarterly growth audits, and learn what story the data is telling us.

MODULE 7: Advanced Amazon Strategies Test, test, test, and re-test with Amazon Demand Side Platform, using Google to Amazon, and converting search terms and ASINs.

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Happy learning!