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Option Buying Simplified | Very important Post for all option buyers

Option Buying Simplified Very important thread for all option buyers :thread:

 Just 5 minutes to read but it can change your trading a lot. Support us by RETWEET this tweet to help most option buyers to gain knowledge & to avoid getting trapped from big players

Also from tomorrow (1st September) starting free Daily LIVE MARKET Session via Youtube Live – Follow us on Twitter. Join the Telegram channel for Live Market updates. Scroll down :point_down:

Let’s first understand the DELTA of a option to get a idea about understanding the option strike price & always as a option buyer don’t choose OTM option to trade Scroll down :point_down:

Let’s understand how much the option price has a probability to move for every 100 points move in banknifty Delta effect to the option price movement Scroll down :point_down:

Most retail traders big mistake in choosing option strike with a wrong perspective. Don’t think it as a cheap option premium – Better choose the QUALITY Scroll down :point_down:

One of the main reason for retail traders losing money in option buying Scroll down :point_down:

Theta Decay effect on various Option strikes: Starts mostly in this below order OTM strike then — ATM —then ITM Scroll down :point_down:

Trading with big quantity doesn’t mean a traders will make money quickly – In Trading there is nothing called quick money. Scroll down :point_down:

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