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Modern JavaScript Full Course ( ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Modern JavaScript Full Course ( ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Modern JavaScript Full Course ( ) Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

Modern JavaScript Full Course ( )

Learn how to construct true applications with JavaScript

The JavaScript Course shows you how to construct modern applications with vanilla JavaScript – no React, no TypeScript, no Frameworks – outright old JavaScript.

???? What will I learn?

This course is focusd on the fundamentals of JavaScript – the world's most regularly utilized programming language. This is the very thing you'll receive in return…

  • ???? The Essentials of JavaScript
  • ????‍???? Advanced concepts separated in a fast no-BS design
  • ???? Plan for JS interviews by coding algorithms
  • ???? Test Driven Development with Vitest
  • ⚔️ Debugging and Error Handling
  • ???? Construct a text-to-image API with Node.js and OpenAI
  • ????️ Learn modern browser APIs like Get
  • ???? An incredible introduction for further developed Fireship courses

???? Is this Course Appropriate for Me?

This course is amateur ???? and will walk you through the fundamentals of JavaScript. It is high speed and like my style on YouTube, however undeniably more top to bottom and with hands on projects and tests.

Course Outline

01 Resources

Source code and course resources


02 JavaScript in 100 Seconds

A speedy introduction to the greatest programming language at any point made


03 JavaScript Compressed lesson

101 concepts each JavaScript developer ought to know


04 Prototype Chain

How does Prototypal Inheritance function?


05 Destructuring

Use destructuring to work no sweat.


06 Spread

Utilize the spread syntax to consolidate objects


07 Optional Tying

Call object properties securely


08 Nullish Combining

How nullish combining is realted to truthy and falsy values


09 Higher Order Functions

What is a higer order function or HOF?


10 Closures

What is a closure?


11 Exhibit Stunts

Valuable procedures for working with JS arrays


12 History of JavaScript

How JavaScript advanced into the language we know today


13 Fundamental Algorithms

Addressing fundamental algorithms with plain JavaScript


14 Binary Search

The most effective method to implement binary search in JavaScript


15 Least As of late Utilized (LRU) Cache

The most effective method to implement a LRU cache in JavaScript


16 TDD with Vitest

Instructions to test JavaScript code with Vitest


17 Initial Scohoffholding

Introduce a vanilla JavaScript application with vite


18 Restful APIs

Learn the fundamentals of the HTTP request-response cycle


19 Text-to-Image Server

Use Node.js, Express, and OpenAI to make a text-to-image API


20 Rest Client

Instructions to test your API with a REST client


21 Text-to-Image Frontend UI

Fabricate a UI for the Text-to-Image Web Application


22 Loading Spinner

Show a loading indicator while the application is fetching data


23 Error Handling

Handle errors gracefullly on the client and server


24 JavaScript for the HATERS