[List] Awesome list of Startups tools should be using

I just found this thing,

This is a curated list about tools for everything from productivity to hosting to development tools to designing. These tools are all digital i.e. either app, online service, or downloadable software. Most of them are either free or have limited free option that is enough for startups. Feel free to suggest and contribute in this list.


Idea Validation

Git Repos

Cloud App Hosting:

Static Site Hosting:


Site Performance Tools:

Web Scraping Tools

Development IDE/Editors:

Development online platforms/IDEs:

Development Playgrounds

Resource Management Tools


Automated Code Reviews, linting, coding conventions


Email Service for Developers

Notification (Push, SMS etc) Service for Developers


Business, Marketing, Sales, Finance

Content Management Systems (CMS):

Ecommerce CMS:


Accounting & Finance


Team Chat

Customer Support/Live Chat:

Social Media

Sales & Marketing:

Productivity, Management, Organization

Note taking & Reading:

Project/Task Management:

Attendance, Time Tracking and Management:

Graphics, Design, and Media

Video making:

Stock Photos/Illustrations:

Online Logo:

Designing & Editing:

SOURCE: GitHub – Ibexoft/awesome-startup-tools-list: List of all tools (apps, services) that startups should u

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