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Learn Ui Design ( Eric Kennedy ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Learn Ui Design ( Eric Kennedy ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Learn Ui Design ( Eric Kennedy ) Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

Confidently design beautiful user interfaces for any app or site.

Allow ME To save YOU SOME TIME. Truly, there's just a single motivation to peruse anything on this page, and it's this: you need to learn how to create great-looking user interfaces.


At the point when I learned UI design, I needed to do it the most difficult way possible. Generally self-trained, gaining ground an inch at a time. Eventually, I learned the style of apps the same way I've learned any creative endeavor: difficult examination. Also, improper replicating of what works. I've worked 10 hours on a UI project and charged for 1. The other 9 were the wild thrashing of learning.

During that time, I came to have a scorn for the theory-weighty garbage that plagues such a lot of design composing. You know what I'm talking about? Stuff like:

Color theory (in all actuality, no designers truly use it)

The brilliant proportion (appears to be smart, doesn't help)

Matrices (less practical than you'd expect, given the broadcast appointment they get)

This stuff appears to be valuable, yet it fizzled the main metric that made a difference to me: does it assist me with doing right by a terrible design?

We should quick forward a couple of years. Presently, I've designed interfaces for clients like Amazon, Soylent, Roam Research, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, and made countless dollars getting it done. I've orbited the globe freelancing from twelve nations. From big business frameworks to individual side-projects, I'm positive about my capacity to design anything I really want to – and have it look wonderful.

“However, I don't know Arial from Helvetica” you cry. How might you at any point become certain about design?

I thought you'd never inquire.

53 VIDEO-BASED Examples

Over 35 hours of video illustrations, loaded up with techniques and live models covering all significant areas of UI design. Watch me, Erik, as I really design many models directly before you.


Learn UI Design chips away at telephones and tablets as well, so you can watch from your work area or in a hurry.


Many tasks custom-made to effectively level up your UI design abilities.

Go after them – then post in the understudy community for feedback from the understudy tutors.


Old-school? Almost certainly. However, it works.

Move past twelve printable PDF cheatsheets and checklists with key design updates and structures.

I keep these on my office wall. You'll need to as well.


Come for the practical design feedback, remain for the inviting community. Learn alongside other yearning designers.

(There's a lot of elitist, overly-cutthroat design networks out there — yet we're NOT one of them ????)