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Learn to Build 5 Free Projects Using the OpenAI API: ChatGPT Course

With all the buzz surrounding the ChatGPT. Are you eager to make the most out of it? Here is the FREE video course that offers a comprehensive education about OpenAI API through detailed explanations and hands-on projects.


ChatGPT has completely transformed the way we work and the way we learn. The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly advancing and OpenAI is leading the charge with its cutting-edge technology. This global trend is going nowhere for a long time instead we are expecting exponential growth. But what does this trend have to do with us? Well! The truth is that this technology is gradually becoming more integrated with our daily life routines. And, as the world around us is evolving, we must adapt as well. As Mark Cuban said and I quote:

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

That’s why it is necessary for developers and enthusiasts to fully understand the potential of OpenAI API and its various applications. No matter what your background or experience level is, this course will help to equip you with the skills to stay ahead of the curve and create amazing applications with little to no effort.

Course Details

FreeCodeCamp has recently launched a ChatGPT Course – Use The OpenAI API to Code 5 Projects 10 in collaboration with Ania Kubow. She is a renowned software developer and course creator. You can also find her youtube channel here: Code with Ania Kubów 3. This 5-hour course dives deeply into the fascinating world of OpenAI API. It provides an insightful introduction to the OpenAI API, and its applications and then jumps over to create 5 projects.

The detailed outline of the course is mentioned below:

1. Introduction

It highlights the context of the course, what it aims to achieve, and its tt audience. You will also get an overview of what OpenAI API is and its practical applications.

2. Authentication

The instructor goes over the OpenAI API documentation to explain how API keys are used for authentication, and how to generate your own and use it securely.

3. Models

It covers the list of models available in the OpenAI ecosystem along with their use cases for example DALL-E, Whisper, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 etc. All the supported models can be found here 3.

4. Text Completion

Details of generating the text, manipulating it, and the concept of tokenization are explained to help you master the art of text completion.

5. Creating Effective Prompts

ChatGPT is extremely versatile and can handle a wide range of tasks, so you need to be explicit with your prompts to generate meaningful and accurate results. This section covers the basic guidelines about wording, structure, and context of your prompts to ensure they elicit the desired response.

6. Chat Completion Projects

This section helps you discover the full potential of chat completion and how you can use it to create interactive applications. To put your newfound skills into practice, the tutorial guides you through building two chat completion projects. In the first project, you’ll create a simple chat completion clone using JavaScript and the OpenAI API. In the second project, you’ll take it to the next level and build a ChatGPT clone using React for the front end and Node.js for the back end.

7. Image Generation Projects

OpenAI has released a DALL-E model that can generate images from textual descriptions. This section starts by teaching the fundamentals of generating, editing, and creating variations of the images using DALL-E. To solidify your understanding, it features two hands-on projects on image generation. The first project teaches you how to use JavaScript and the OpenAI API to build an image-generation app. The second project is an image generation and variation app built using React, Node.js, the OpenAI npm library, and the OpenAI API. These projects will help you gain practical experience making you well-versed in this exciting field

8. SQL Generator Project

In the last section, you will be creating an SQL query generator project that translates the English prompts into SQL queries. This project nicely sums up all the skills that you have learned so far in the course. It uses Typescript for the front end, Node.js for the back end, and OpenAI API is utilized at the chat completion endpoints.

ChatGPT Course – Use The OpenAI API to Code 5 Projects

This course serves as an excellent baseline if you are curious about how to use the OpenAI API for building practical projects. Do give it a watch and let me know in the comments section about your thoughts.

Source: kdnuggets

Happy learning!