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Learn Machine Learning – 10 Projects In Finance & Health Care Free Download – Google Drive Links


Machine Learning is no longer just a niche subfield of computer science but technology giants have been using it for years – Machine learning algorithms power Walmart product recommendations, surge pricing at Uber, fraud detection at top financial institutions, content that Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram display on social media feeds or Google Maps. Machine learning products are being used daily, perhaps without realizing it. The future of machine learning is already here, it’s just that the machine learning career is exploding now because of smart algorithms being used everywhere from email to mobile apps to marketing campaigns. If you are in search of the most in-demand and most-exciting career domains, gearing up yourself with machine learning skills is a good move now.

In this course, we are going to provide students with knowledge of key aspects of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. We are going to build 10 projects of the Health Care & Finance industry from scratch using the real-world dataset , here’s a sample of the projects we will be working on:

  • Blood Donation Analysis
  • Mortality Prediction In ICU Using ANN
  • Kyphosis Disease Classification
  • Suicide Rate Trend Analysis
  • DNA Classification of Humans And Chimpanzee
  • NYSE Stock Price Prediction
  • RBI Resources Data Analysis
  • E-signing of a loan based on financial history
  • Prediction Of Default Of Credit Card
  • Hybrid Mutual Fund Analysis

 Download link

[] Udemy – Learn Machine Learning – 10 Projects In Finance & Health – Google Drive 2

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