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Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics [Worth 6000$+ ] Free Download – Google Drive Links


What You Will Learn:

5 Amazing Capacities You’ll Develop When
You Harness the Power of Evolutionary Dynamics

1. Cultivate A Greater Mastery of Yourself

Once you fully understand and have deeply mastered the interplay of evolutionary dynamics within yourself, you’ll develop the capacity to channel that energy as fuel for your transformation. You’ll illuminate your core strengths and unique gifts while learning how to best leverage them. You’ll uncover your developmental weaknesses and shadow pathologies while learning how to work with and correct them. You’ll cultivate the ability to perceive yourself through multiple lenses thereby gaining deeper insight into who you really are and all that you are capable of being.

2. Access Profound Insight into Other People

In your work and in your private life, you’ll be able to see evolutionary dynamics at play in everyone you meet, allowing you to understand and communicate with them much more effectively. You’ll develop the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others and be able to authentically relate and empathize with them at a much deeper level. You’ll understand their core values and motivations, even if they don’t themselves. You’ll dramatically improve your ability to create connection, resolve conflict and support others in cultivating their higher potentials.

3. Understand the Dynamics Behind World Events

You’ll develop the capacity to understand the evolutionary dynamics at play in both local and world events. The subtle influences behind regional and national conflicts will become crystal clear and the cultural dramas on the world stage will begin to make perfect sense.  You’ll also discover how to best leverage your time and energy to create real impact in the causes that are most important to you.

4. Predict the Future with Greater Accuracy

You’ll not only be able to see evolutionary dynamics at work everywhere in the world around you, you’ll be able to see how those dynamics have shaped your life and everyone else’s, as well as the whole history of our species. And because you’ll be able to see those dynamics so clearly, you’ll often be able to effectively predict the future and seemingly read people’s minds, as you’ll be able to see exactly where they are in the evolutionary current. You can then use your understanding of those dynamics to connect with them at their level of development and create lasting impact in their lives and in the world.

5. Experience A New Level of Possibility In Your Life

As you attain greater mastery of evolutionary dynamics, you’ll gain the ultimate advantage in “self-authoring” your life and contributing to the creation of a more conscious and sustainable world. You’ll deeply understand the process of developmental evolution and its trajectory towards greater integration and wholeness. You’ll discover how to harness these evolutionary forces to empower your own development and self-author your life. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the underlying unity that pervades existence and the limitless potential that is latent within us all.

    Source GDrive Mega

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