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Jordan Platten – Affluent Academy Download For Free – Marketing and Enter Free Download – Google Drive Links

Jordan Platten – Affluent Academy Download For Free – Marketing and Enter Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy Download For Free - Marketing and Enter Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

It’s our ongoing mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success that flows freely in abundance. That’s what defines Affluent.

No matter where you are right now, you are able to make change. Your life is controlled by the actions that you take.

The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience, generate £millions in revenue – creating numerous successful marketing agencies.

We’re not for everyone – just those that are ready to commit, to take action and put in the work.

So, if working with true professionals appeals to you. If being guided by experts towards financial freedom makes sense; if taking control of your life and being successful excites, then we should be talking.

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9 Modules With 60+ Personally Delivered Lessons
2 LearnAds Pro Course Passes
Module 1 – Laying Your Mental Foundations
7 Lessons

In this module we teach you how to set yourself up for success. It’s vitally important that you yourself are a success first before we can begin on actually launching your agency. It’s these crucial foundations that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.
Navigating the Affluent Academy

A full overview of the host platform and accessing all course contents.
What we cover:

Overview of navigating around the platform
How to watch the content and access all learning materials
How to quickly recap lessons when referencing in the future

Fundamental Rules Of Play

This lesson covers how to get the most out of this program. This is very important.
What we cover:

General housekeeping & rules
How to join our exclusive community
Our 5-step support process
The crucial traits our biggest success stories possess

Identification Of Self

It’s vital for your success for you to recondition the person you are today. You cannot expect to get different results by doing the same thing you’re doing right now and in this lesson we teach you how to identify the true you. The one destined for greatness.
What we cover:

Who you are and how to break mental barriers
How the golden circle relates to neuroscience
Developing a why that will push you through anything

Getting Your House In Order

If we’re going to ensure you have the highest chances of success, the first thing we need to do is ensure that all elements of your life are in order first. This lesson and attached worksheets will enable you to analyse all areas of your life which could be limiting your potential growth.
What we cover:

How to break bad habits & replace them with good
Crafting a routine that plays to your personal strengths
The impact of your environment & surroundings

The Journey Ahead

Everybody glamorises the entrepreneurship journey… in this lesson we cut through the noise and give you a realistic expectation of the journey ahead. If you can understand the potential hurdles ahead as an agency owners, you’ll grant yourself a much straighter path to success.
What we cover:

The sisyphus mindset and how it relates to business
How to fall in love with failure
Unlocking the power of manifestation

Focus Shifting

In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals to becoming a high-performance individual. We will teach you how to build macro & microgoals and most importantly, how to stick to them.
What we cover:

The differences between micro & macro goals
How to obliterate your goals in half the time of others
Using the Lifestyle Calculator to establish financial targets

Harnessing The Social Advertising Revolution

We’re now in the age of social media, a world addicted to their mobile phones. Businesses now have the opportunity to get themselves in front of their customers in just a few clicks and in this lesson you’ll learn how to take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.
What we cover:

What statistics tell us about global social media usage after the pandemic
The opportunity at hand and where you come in
Fulfilling the role of a social media marketer
How to become an Affluent Agency Award winner

Recap Quiz

Short end of module multiple-choice quiz.
Module 2 – The Launch Sequence
6 Lessons

In this module you will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business. You’ll be able to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.
Establishing Your Business

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to entrepreneurship. In this lesson you’ll learn how to set yourself up legally in your country of residence.
What we cover:

Setting up a business anywhere in the world
Tax efficiency structures to follow
How to set up business bank accounts & accountancy tools

The New Era Agency

So we’ve already established you want to launch a marketing agency, but what agency model are you going to follow? In this lesson we cover the pro’s and con’s between different agency types.
What we cover:

The problem with traditional marketing agencies
Pro’s and con’s to freelancing and company building
What the New Era Agency is and why you should adopt the model

Building A Brand

Great branding is what separates companies the worlds most successful companies from those that get capped at mediocracy. In this lesson, we dive deep into what makes a great brand and how to build one.
What we cover:

Developing a brand that’ll create influence on your industry
How to start building both an agency and personal brand
Naming your agency the right way

Website & Email Creation

An integral component of a solid brand is a high-quality website. In this lesson you will learn how to create a design friendly website with ease, even with zero previous development experience.
What we cover:

How to create a clean, yet effective website
Purchasing a domain name & hosting
Setting up a professional email account

Ready-To-Go Website Templates

We wanted to take the stress away from building an agency website and in this lesson you’ll gain access to three ready-to-go website templates that you can use to create your agency website in as little as 30 minutes.
What we cover:

Who should use these templates
How to customise each website
Attaching your custom domain name

Service Offering Formula

There are a range of services a digital marketing agency can offer and as a beginner it’s often hard to know what to offer and when. In this lesson we cover all the most profitable services and in what instances you should offer them.
What we cover:

The core service offering
What additional services to offer potential clients
How to produce the perfect offer every time

Value Based Pricing Structure

As business owners, we don’t charge based on how long it takes us to fulfil a service. We charge based on the value of the services we provide. In this lesson you’ll learn how to structure your prices.

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