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Improve your Facebook Ads campaigns with this checklist – Google Drive Links

Amp up your ads (for free!)

Improve your Facebook Ads campaigns with this checklist


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It’s easy to get your ads up and running on Facebook.

But what’s not so easy is figuring out whether you’re spending your money on the right ads and the right people.

After all, you don't want to be the digital version of the person standing on a corner, spinning a sign, while everyone just drives by.

Luckily, you can get the data you need to drive results with the Data-Driven Facebook Ad Checklist.


Learn how to use the data features inside Facebook Ads

Get an estimate of the numbers you can expect before you spend a penny

Structure your account so ad management is a breeze

Best for: Advertisers who want to finally understand Facebook Ads data and improve results

Data-Driven Facebook Ad Checklist helps you uncover the data you need to optimize ads and get the highest ROI.

datadrivenfbchecklist 1

The Facebook Ad Checklist has 46 insightful tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook ads, including how to take advantage of features overlooked by most marketers.

Your current Facebook ad plan might look something like this: Step 1: set up ads. Step 2: ????. Step 3: PROFIT!

But now, you can use the Data-Driven Facebook Ad Checklist to start using data to drive your ad strategy so you’re not relying on guesses or outdated information.

datadrivenfbchecklist 2

The checklist includes tons of amazing tips, including:

  • How to build the right ad audiences to ensure you target the right people
  • Strategies for testing multiple ads so you can optimize campaign performance
  • The best ways to track and verify conversions so you capture the full value of your ads
  • Integrating your ads with Google Analytics to make the most of Google’s powerful, free analytics
  • And much more!
datadrivenfbchecklist 3

Ads powered by data outperform against the average, but it’s not always easy to get the data you need from your Facebook Ads account.

Like any other business system, setting up your Facebook Ad account correctly is key to getting the results you want.

The Facebook Ad Checklist outlines ways for you to customize your account so it’s organized and reflects your strategy and goals.

The checklist walks you through the basics of setting up a campaign, from defining your primary objectives and budget to customizing Facebook Ad reports.

That way, you’ll always see the metrics that are important to you.

datadrivenfbchecklist 4

You’ve been flying blind long enough.

It’s time you use the Data-Driven Facebook Ads Checklist to effectively set up and run campaigns from end to end.

Get this FREE checklist now!

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