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HTML Cheat Sheet | Become A Pro Free Download –

HTML Cheat Sheet | Become A Pro Free Download –

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HTML Cheat Sheet | Become A Pro Free Download - 3

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language

Used for: creating web pages 8 (documents) that are displayed on the World Wide Web (websites). The pages can be a mix of text, images, videos, and other elements. It can be created with: notepad, TextPad or any text editors.

Saved as: .html files

HTML Cheat Sheet

Here we are sharing with you the complete HTML Cheat Sheet:

Basic structure

body tags and main content

The main elements in HTML are the tags. Tags structure and present the data in different forms.


<h1>Heading 1</h1> <h2>Heading 2 </h2> <h3>Heading 3</h3> <h4>Heading 4</h4> <h5>Heading 5</h5> <h6>Heading 6 </h6> 


<p>write a paragraph</p> Attribute β€˜style’ can be used with <p> to display the text inside <p> in a specific manner. For example, <p style = "color:blue">I will appear blue</p> <p style = "background-color:blue">Highlighting as blue</p> <br> line break 


Span tag is used for styling inline elements.

<span style = β€œcolor:green”> Address </span> 

- prints the word β€˜Address’ in the specified color (here green). The style attribute is used to style HTML elements.


  •   β€“ space (non-breaking)
  • " – add quotation mark (β€œ)
  • < – less than symbol (<)
  • > – greater than symbol (>)
  • & – the β€˜&’ or ampersand symbol
  • © – copyright symbol
  •  – trademark symbol


  • <b>Bold text </b>
  • <i>*Italic text*</i>
  • <u>*underlined text*</u>
  • <mark>I am highlighted in yellow</mark>- marks the text in yellow. If other colors are needed, span is used.
  • <span style="background-color: #FF00FF">I am highlighted in pink</span>
  • <strong>I am strong</strong> - give emphasis to a particular text; mostly bold
  • <font></font> - chosen font for the text
  • Font is not used in HTML 5, CSS is used. Attributes of <font> -
  • <face> - the font family, for example Courier New
  • <size> - size of the text
  • <color> - color of the text in hex value (eg. #FF000F) or text (
  • <small></small> - smaller text, fine print size
  • <strike>Strike that out</strike> - strikeout the text inside the tag
  • <sup></sup> - superscript (text above the normal text like exponential numbers)
  • <sub></sub> - subscript
  • <em></em> - emphasis
  • <pre></pre> - preformatted text
  • <tt></tt> - typewriter text


<body> – the main content lies in the body. Inside there can be many sections. Attributes –

  • background=β€œβ€ – Background Image source; can be left empty if no image
  • bgcolor=β€œβ€ – Background Colour in hex value
  • text=β€œβ€ – page text color
  • link=β€œβ€ – Link Colour
  • alink=β€œβ€ – Active (current) Link Colour
  • vlink=β€œβ€ – Visited Link Colour
  • bgproperties=β€œβ€ – Background Properties. A value of β€œfixed” means non-scrolling watermark
  • topmargin=β€œ?” – Top Margin Size in Pixels
  • leftmargin=β€œβ€ – Side Margin Size in Pixels


<meta> tag is a part of and describes information about data. Most common use of metadata is by search engines for keywords.  most common character set Attributes –

  • name = β€œβ€ – can be name like keyword, author, description etc…
  • content = β€œβ€ – the value corresponding to above names

Example – <meta name="keywords" content="What is HTML, How to learn HTML">

Sections and divisions

  • <div></div> new section; nested div tags are very common when multiple sub-sections are required
  • <hr> - horizontal line

<hr> has the following attributes –

<hr size = β€œβ€ width = β€œβ€/width = β€œ%” color = β€œβ€ align = β€œleft/center/right”> size – thickness of the line in pixels width – in pixels or percentage (any one) color – color in hex value align – alignment; left, right or center 


<table>  <tr>  <td></td>  <td></td>  <td></td>  </tr>  <tr>  <td></td>  <td></td>  <td></td>  </tr> </table> 
<table> - creates a table, <tr> - creates a row, <td> - creates column, <th> - creates header columns 

<table> attributes –

  • border=β€œβ€ – Thickness of outside border in pixels
  • bordercolor=β€œβ€ – Border Colour in hex value
  • cellspacing=β€œβ€ – Space between each cell in pixels
  • cellpadding=β€œβ€ – Space between cell border and content
  • align=β€œβ€ – Horizontal Alignment; left, right, center
  • bgcolor=β€œβ€ – Background Colour hex value
  • width=β€œβ€ – Table Width in pixels or %
  • height=β€œβ€ – Table Height in pixels or %

<td> attributes

  • colspan=β€œβ€ – Number of columns the cell spans across
  • rowspan=β€œβ€ – Number of rows cell spans across
  • width=β€œβ€ – width of cell in pixels or %
  • height=β€œβ€ – height of cell in pixels or %
  • bgcolor=β€œβ€ – hex value of background colour for the cell (column)
  • align=β€œβ€ – Horizontal Align; left, center, right
  • valign=β€œβ€ – Vertical Align; top, middle, bottom
  • – is used to define attributes for particular columns of the table.

Example –

<colgroup>  <col span="1" style="background-color:green">  <col style="background-color:blue"> </colgroup> 

The first column will be highlighted as green, whereas other columns will be highlighted as blue.

Forms (HTML Cheat Sheet)

Most of the dynamic content like user inputs, submitting a page, filling a form happen inside this tag. It is a group of related inputs.

<form>  <input>  <select><option></option></select>  <textarea> </form> 

<form> tag attributes –

  • action=β€œurl” – destination url upon form submission
  • method=β€œβ€ – form method – get, post
  • enctype=β€œβ€ – type of encoding; for file upload it is β€œmultipart/form-data”

<input> tag attributes –

  • type=β€œβ€ – Mandatory input Field Type: text, password, checkbox, submit and so on.
  • name=β€œβ€ – Form Field Name (mandatory for form processing)
  • value=β€œβ€ – value (entered by user) or default value
  • size=β€œβ€ – field size
  • maxlength=β€œβ€ – Maximum acceptable length of Input Field data
  • checked – Mark selected field in checkbox (multi-select) or radio button (single-select)

<select> </select> – Select options from drop-down list <select> tag Attributes:

  • name=β€œβ€ – Drop Down Combo-Box Name; mandatory for form processing
  • size=β€œβ€ – size of the drop-down list
  • multiple – Allow multiple selections

<option></option> – individual items of the drop-down list <option> tag Attributes:

  • value=β€œβ€ – Option value selected or default value set
  • <textarea>lot of text like description – Large area for text inputs

<textarea> Tag Attributes:

  • name=β€œβ€ – Text area name for form processing
  • rows=β€œβ€ – Number of rows of text shown
  • cols=β€œβ€ – Number of columns (characters per row)
  • wrap=β€œβ€ – text wrapping


  • <iframe src=””></iframe> – embed another document within the current document (page) in a frame.
  • Attribute β€œsrc” – location of the document to be embedded


HTML links, also called as hyperlinks are defined by β€˜a’ tag – Attributes –

  • href = β€œβ€ – the url to be visited when the link is clicked
  • target = β€œβ€ – specifies where to open the link – _blank (new tab/window), _self (same window/tab), _parent (in the parent frame), framename – open in a particular frame.
  • title = β€œβ€ – gives information about the element
  • id = β€œβ€ – to create bookmarks in the page that can be used as value in href attribute.

Examples –

  • <a href = "">Go to</a>
  • <a href = "C:\Users\Public">Open a resource from the given location</a>
  • <a href = "#divprop">Reach a div element specified by the name</a>

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 12


For styling, there are many attributes being used with various tags. The attributes are –

<style>  text-align= β€œβ€ – align text; left, right, center  background-color = β€œβ€ – background color of the element  color=”” – for color of texts  font-family = β€œβ€ – for various fonts  font-size = β€œβ€ size of the font  border = β€œβ€ – border thickness and color for a table </style> 

These styling elements are put together in a CSS.


There are two types of lists – ordered and unordered.

 ordered list Attributes –

  • type=”” – the numbering of the list – A, a, I, 1, i
  • start = β€œβ€ – starting value
  • <ul></ul> - unordered list

Attributes –

  • type = β€œβ€ – type of bullet – square, circle, disc
  • <li></li> - individual value in the list

Attributes β€“

  • <value> = β€œβ€ – value of list item
  • <type>=”” – type of the list item


 – shows the image when page loads Attributes –

  • src =”sourceofimage” – source of the image; url or file location; mandatory
  • alt = β€œalternate text” – alternate text; mandatory
  • align = β€œleft/right/center” – alignment with respect to surrounding items (text)
  • width = β€œβ€ – in pixels or percentage
  • height = β€œβ€ – in pixels or percentage
  • border = β€œβ€ – thickness of the border in pixels
  • hspace = β€œβ€ – space in pixels on the sides of the image
  • vspace = β€œβ€ – space in pixels on top and bottom of the image

HTML5 Tags

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HTML Cheat Sheet | Become A Pro Free Download - 4

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