How To Strike YouTube Videos | Take Down YouTube Channels | 2021- Google Drive Links

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  1. Find a YouTuber that you want to strike, [NOT TO BIG!]
  2. Look for videos of that YouTuber which includes Download Links etc.
  3. Log in to a ALT account incase YouTube spots that its fraudulent.
  4. Report the YouTube video for ‘Infringes my rights’ and then ‘Infringes my Copyright’ and then click on ‘Submit a copyright claim’.
  5. Choose ‘Copyright Infringement’ and then ‘I am’ and then fill out all stuff that YouTube wants you to fill out, [Use real information apart from Name and Address.]
  6. For Authority to make this complaint type ‘Owner’ and choose ‘My software’ for the reason and type the name of the software and ‘Provides links to download software illegally’.
  7. Select all boxes and submit the claim and wait!]

Happy learning!

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