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You already know how much money YouTube creators make. And I know, you want to be one of those. That’s perfectly fine, and I will teach you right now.

Setup the YouTube Account:

First off you have to create your YouTube account. You can do this by visiting YouTube Create Channel link. You create channels for your videos based on your niche. We will talk about this in a minute.

After creating your channel, write the channel description and then verify the channel through your phone number, you can start uploading your videos.

Channel Niche and Keywords:

  • To generate reasonable views on your channel, you must tie your niche to their keywords.
  • The keywords enhance your chances of being noticed by search engines. Name your channel, choose the icon, upload your channel art, and write your channel description according to your niche. You can setup featured, enable views and discussion.
  • Do not forget to upload channel trailer, add sections to organize your channel and customize it.

How To Use Tittles, Descriptions and Tags:

This is the first field on the box when you are uploading your video. That is the name your video should be called.
The right way to use it is to make sure that the search criteria for the video is at the right-hand side of the tittle e.g How to make money with YouTube videos, make sure the tittles well punctuated.


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