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How To Hack 1000+ WiFi Networks Per Day – Google Drive Links

What can this be useful for?

This can be used to hack accounts, emails, facebook, youtube, instagram, snapchat, minecraft, roblox, bitcoin (using reverse proxies to bypass region/ISP restrictions), networks, monitor traffic, mine cryptocurrencies and more.

Use legally at your own discretion – this tutorial is strictly for educational purposes.

Process color coded and split into 3 categories.

  1. Installation and setup
  2. Running the tool and stopping the tool.
  3. Upload text file online and wait.

If you just want all the commands:

1. sudo apt-get update
1a. sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev
2. sudo apt install hcxtools
3. cd Desktop/
4. airmon-ng check kill
5. hcxdumptool -o yourcityname.pcapng -i wlan0 --enable_status 1
6. hcxpcaptool -E essidlist -I identitylist -U usernamelist -z yourcitynameoutputs.16800 yourcityname.pcapng

What equipment do I need?

  1. A wireless adapter that supports monitor mode.
  2. A laptop OR Desktop OR Raspberry PI
  3. A USB with Kali Linux (or install it if using laptop) (Copy of Kali Linux download if using Desktop) (Kali Linux on Raspberry PI if using PI)

Wireless adapters that work:

  1. coolxan USB Rt3070 Chipset 802.11n 150m WiFi Wireless and Card Dongle Adapter
  2. Panda 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter
  3. Alfa

1. Installation and setup

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev
sudo apt install hcxtools

2. Running the tool and stopping the tool.

cd Desktop/
airmon-ng check kill
hcxdumptool -o yourcityname.pcapng -i wlan0 --enable_status 1

Once you have collected some PMKIDs, you can press CTRL+C on your keyboard. The next step is to convert the output.

hcxpcaptool -E essidlist -I identitylist -U usernamelist -z yourcitynameoutputs.16800 yourcityname.pcapng

Commands we used if you want a brief explanation:

sudo su // this command makes sure your entire session inside this terminal is run as Super User. It's not needed as we are running everything as sudo anyway for installation it just helps avoid any problems you might have with specific hardware.

apt install // this command runs "Advanced Package Tool" to install the packages listed after it. Each one is needed and if you have an issue where one isn't found, you will need to edit the file containing your 'known packages' which is where it looks online (urls) for the files to install.

git clone // this command clones the repository from github which is where the creator of this tool keeps their code and files.

cd hcxdumptool // after cloning from github in the previous command, a folder is made with the name of the tool (hcxdumptool.git into hcxdumptool folder) by using the cd command it enters that folder so we can now access it directly in terminal.

make // the make command looks at your systems layout and then decides if anything needs to be altered/changed and if everything it needs is installed to places it can find.

make install // now that make has made sure and configured file locations depending on your setup (in this case Kali Linux) the make install command will install and create binaries if necessary to put everything in its place. This is so you can run a tools name usually without being in that folder (cd) from anywhere inside the terminal.

cd .. // this command moves you up one directory. At this stage you will be inside the hcxdumptool folder and have already configured it, so now you need to go back to the root directory and this command will shift you one folder previous.

Upload text file online and wait.

Now you can either upload the file online to get cracked or you can try crack it yourself. I wont go into cracking it yourself here but you will want to look at “hashcat”.

Voila – now we are all done! Last thing to do is head to and crack them all! You can manually run a smaller word list but i’d recommend just uploading the entire file like so:

Go to and register for an account. Once logged in – head to “profile” and “add bitcoin”

Send like $10 or more to the bitcoin address depending on how bad you want it cracked.

Then click Escrow – Upload new list.
Now select your file (.16800) and choose the Algorithm “PMKID”
Input a price in USD Per hash. The more you put in, the more the users out there will try and crack. I’d recommend judging it by total price rather than individual hash. The minimum you can offer is “0.00000050” which currently as of writing this is $0.003 USD. So at that price it would cost $3 to crack them all. I’d increase that to at least $0.009 per for your first run ($9 total for 1,000 hashes) otherwise if it’s a specific network you want cracked offer as much as you would like for both speed and likelihood of getting it cracked!

If it isn’t cracked, you can always cancel it and increase the price you are offering for it which in turn will speed up the rate it’s cracked due to more people trying to get it done.
Any money left on your account you can withdraw later.


Use legally at your own discretion – this tutorial is strictly for educational purposes. I take no responsibility for what you choose to do with this information.

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