How To Get Adobe CC For Lifetime ⚡️ – Free Download – Google Drive Links

Here it is:

  1. Set up your browser to clear cache/cookies every time you close it (browser needs to be fresh every time you go on adobe’s site)
  2. Connect to a VPN (doesn’t matter which server but if you need good VPN CyberGhost has a 1-day free trial that you can do everyday on temp mail but choose some low-key server (some Latvia or sometimes London is good as well). You just have to connect to a new server every time you do a new admin. Or if you have your own trusted and private VPN or Proxies, that’s awesome. It’s important for Adobe to feel like you’re a normal person first time on this site.
  3. Go to this site: Adobe Site
    It can be in any country, doesn’t matter.
  4. Click the button “Start free trial”.
  5. Fill out some random info about a company, first and last name, random mail, phone number and a postal code (some countries like Germany, France don’t have a postal code box so it can be easier. But you can find it easily on the internet.
  6. Click “Continue” provide some random year of birth, do the verification (usually find 2 objects that look the same), create a password (you can do the same password for every account).
  7. Voilà, you have your admin console for 2 weeks. Now you can add 9 people in normal way, if you want to add an extra one you have to delete a license from the owner mail and add to a customer’s mail.
  8. Repeat all steps, excluding setting up your browser because you did it for lifetime.

Sometimes Adobe’s site is pretty slow, and you have to refresh a site after adding a customer to see that the licenses are assigned to their accounts.
This process takes about 2–5 minutes for one admin and is really easy.

I encourage you to change every 5–10 admins Adobe country (in the link and VPN) to avoid finding by adobe that someone’s abuses it.

Wish you the best with Adobe!

Happy learning!



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