How to create your own cloudflare worker link and download free courses

Hii, all its a basic guide on how to make your own cloudflare worker link

For Detail Guide Refer this Video

Credit @Ankush

First Create a Account on Cloudflare

You can use Temp mail for fake email id

once you logged in verify the account by clicking on the link which you got in temp mail

after that click on Worker tab

create new , give names according to the courses

Coding ninjas Courses

Other Coding Courses

New Coding Blocks Courses

New Coding Ninjas Courses

Newly GFG Courses

Masterclass Courses

Placement Related Material

All Courses in ZIP

IIT and NEET material

Helpothers Links Collection Which contains all the courses and many more

Helpothers Part 1

Helpothers Part 2

Helpothers Part 3

Helpothers Part 4

Helpothers Part 5

Helpothers Part 6

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