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Send fake bitcoin transaction to the powerful “SHERUBIT”


This software generates fake Bitcoin transactions into the Bitcoin network will last for 24 hours to 3 days and stays unconfirmed before it disappears. That is, this software generates bitcoin transactions that you can use to trick anyone, but in the real sense, the transactions are fake…The transactions now stay unconfirmed in the blockchain network for up to 48 hours…

??How does the This tool work to generate Fake Bitcoin Transactions?

1 You input the sender and receiver’s bitcoin addresses.

2 You as well input the amount.

3 Then click on “Generate“.

4 The software will give you a live blockchain link to track the transaction, making it look real. But the transaction disappears after 48hours.

The generated transaction link will look like this > Bitcoin Transaction 28632n3AfVM36ugBczzdtwkxC6Rai1so3ajf96c41d5a7d74695b82cdba

They developed this software strictly with modern technologies to imitate the bitcoin double spend notion. The software fakes bitcoin sending, but since the cryptographic signature doesn’t check out, the nodes in the bitcoin network will ignore the transaction after 48 hours.ends and family. Prank Your Friends Send them bitcoin into their wallets that will never get a confirmation and will disappear after some time.

You can use it to buy cheap stuffs online or in person from shop. You can use this to make purchases. This will help you not to loose your money. It can alse be use by teachers to teach their students about fake bitcoin transaction. For educational purposes.

Tool View :

??Note : This tool only work with
This Tool only work if you Min 100$ BTC in your blockchain wallet. Else tool won't work . It's better to test in your other btc wallet.

If you didn't believe us we give trails Too

?? This Tool ?? Working and tested.

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