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How Can You Post Instagram Stories And Get Followers – Google Drive Links

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Overview About Instagram Story:

Even though Instagram story feature was similar to the Snapchat, but it has now become one of the simplest and quickest ways to make visual content marketing, tell a convincing story, and boost the engagements with Instagram stories viewers and followers.

At this time, Instagram stories are being used seventy percent in US for businesses and we believe the feature definitely has a large potential of getting bigger worldwide more than it already has. So come and get to know not only some of the most influential strategies that will help out you to build a controlling personal or business brand, but also how Instagram Stories can harmonize your already existing content marketing strategy.

Some Important Tips To Get More Instagram Stories Viewer:

There are many tips and guidelines through which you can make more views and, as a result, receive more coverage and publicity for the Stories you create.

Make And Publish Different Types Of Content:

An editorial calendar is required when making Instagram Stories because it will help you to schedule your particular content in advance. So, you can adjust their stories date by comparing with calendar. Proper and better scheduling means, rearranged an improved user experience for those who follow your account or Instagram Stories viewers because they will know when to expect new Stories from you.

Consistency Is Crucial:

Consistency is more important and crucial because it will help you to keep your viewers close by facilitating engagement. It shows that you definitely know what you are exactly doing, that you are doing it with a purpose, and that your Stories are straight and real to who you are and what you want to get.

What Should You Publish?

Primarily, anything you can put collectively into your stories including photos, videos, and bounce back. You are restricted to posting up to 100 Stories in just 24 hours so you need to put up with this in mind. Photo, Video, and bounce back are the three main options available for IG Stories. You can select either one of them or you can mix them if you want or you can interchange the type of content you would like to post via Stories.

The Creative Process:

Stories are more paying attention on inventiveness and less on design. However, if you care about your brand products, you should provide in giving your stories a professional look. The second option is to share your regular posts through IG Stories. You can also select your best photos and videos, and then choose the post to stories option.

You Should Choose To Re-Share Your Content Instead Of Creating New Photos And Videos:

If you are running a promotional campaign then you should announced it to your audience through a post on your feed and again after few days, you would like to remind about your post to the people. You can do it for multiple times and you can also do it via Stories by playing with the video and adding something new to it, like a countdown timer, a new hashtag, or some fun stickers etc. (Source: thetechrim)

Happy learning!