[Guide] Get Lifetime Licensed Microsoft 365 (A1) and Onedrive (5TB)

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Step 1 – Go to LINK 99 and Click Get It.
Step 2 – Sign up your temporary account.
Step 3 – Check I’m not a Robot and click submit.
Step 4 – Remember your Email and Initial Password then click Go Login.
Step 5 – Sign in your email and initial password.
Step 6 – Update your password then click sign in.
Step 7 – Click Next then enter your new email password and sign in.
Step 8 – You can also change your Email or Skip setup then click yes.
Step 9 – After that you can enjoy your “Lifetime 5TB Onedrive and Licensed Microsoft 365 Subscription”.

CREDIT TO THE OWNER Solved by Pishone_David in post #6

Alternatives: https://free-a1.a1od.workers.dev/ http://office.zx.al/ https://ceo.qiantigers.workers.dev/ https://a1_sc.a1od.workers.dev/#form https://a1_free365.a1od.workers.dev/ http://25t.zxd.workers.dev/#intro P.S: This is much like google shared drive. So don’t upload your personal files …


https://free-a1.a1od.workers.dev/ 7
http://office.zx.al/ 4
https://ceo.qiantigers.workers.dev/ 2
http://25t.zxd.workers.dev/#intro 3

P.S: This is much like google shared drive. So don’t upload your personal files here. If you do plan to use it for personal use, learn to use crypt feature in RClone. Create 2 or 3 accounts and enable auto sync between accounts and through crypt. RClone’s crypt basically encrypts before uploading. Downside is that since it’s encrypted, you can’t share.[Guide] Get Lifetime Licensed Microsoft 365 (A1) and Onedrive (5TB)

from Google Drive Links https://googledrivelinks.com/guide-get-lifetime-licensed-microsoft-365-a1-and-onedrive-5tb/

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