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Amazon Affiliates
You can earn a good income through affiliate marketing. Amazon is the most trusted sources for most of the affiliate marketers. you can become Amazon associates and start earning by promoting Physical products online. you do not have to open a store and meet the seller. you can create affiliate account on other Ecommerce websites like Flipkart and Ebay, but trust me you will get better conversion rate with amazon. you can create a free sub-domain websites on wordpress.comwix.com and others. You just have to understand how can you exploits the social media giants like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube and driving mass traffic to your website.

You can be a a full time or part time affiliate marketer. If you want to be a full time marketer you have to setup few ground rules.

  1. you have to treat affiliate marketing is like a real business just like others.
  2. be honest
  3. give time , like given to other business.

Affiliate Marketing sounds easy, but not that easy. you are not just create account and start earning thousands of dollars. if yo want to earn money give time treat like a business.Before we start, you should understand how affiliate marketing works.

You need to choose a product to sell. don not worry you do not need to buy it. You find Commission rate list per product on amazon associate page. if you have hobbies like playing cricket, body building, doing review a product, tech gadgets, technical knowledge about electronic product like phone, TVs, Oven, if you are a Dietician, accountant, engineer you can choose product accordingly.
Ex.1 Dietician-> you can promote various diet, Ebooks, review them. I mean you can promote a health eating style.
Ex. 2 Accountant-> you can promote accounting software, review them etc.
Ex. 3 Review/freelance writer/journalist – > You can write a review about the product, service.How to Built a site /structure

  1. you can choose a Niche like ” Mobile phone covers”, “Diet Ebooks”, “Gaming laptops”, “ebooks”, “electronic products”
  2. You can choose top or best selling product from the website and review theme ” top 5 gaming laptops”, “top diets help you lose weight”, “top 10 toys for toddler”, “top 5 e bikes”, “bestselling Fitness Magazines”, “top 5 affordable convectional oven” etc.

Let me get straight to the point you can choose a “Product category” or you can choose a “Product”

Laptops > Gaming laotps, slim laptops, macbooks, linux , windows laptops, affordable laptops, hp, sony, asus laptops, productive laptops, office laptops etc.

Website (what is all about)

  1. A review website
  2. Shop – Ecommerce website (Multiple Niche or a single Niche)
  3. Product based single landing page (containing reviews, pros cons, collecting emails (lead magnet))

let’s get started
Note: I am assuming you already make your mood to give it a try and already created an associate account on amazon India. you can also create account on amazon.com usa, amazon.uk/.jp/.cn/.it/.fr.


  1. You can buy fresh store builder script, it is fully customizable, optimized, supporting other ecommerce store like Ebay. Professionally built for Amazon have some great features.
    Cons:- it not free. it is very costly.
    fresh store offers two types of license one for self hosted version of Fresh store and other is Fresh store instant, it is cloud hosted version of the script. it comes with great features like one click install.
    Note: 1.For Self hosted version you need to buy web hosting + Domain
    2. For Fresh store Instant – you need to buy a domain.

Setup 2

  1. WordPress themes[Free/Paid] + Woocommerce Plugins[Free]+ WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin[Paid]
    here you have great choices of wordpress themes free and paid both
    WordPress themes:-
    Rehub – > it is most popular and recommended theme for affilaites, Tons of features, elementor support, you can easily customize the themes or you can choose from prebuilt layouts.
    You can use Any wordpress themes with woocommerce Support.

Note: You have to Buy Webhosting + Domain

Setup 3

You can create a free website on wordpress, wix, tumblr etc.
Note: here you can create a single landing page or top 5 or top 10 product review website.
All affiliate links you have to put inside the visit page/read more/know more/visit here/ discounts.

Now you needed only Traffic, without traffic your site like a shop in a abandon market in a deserted place.Traffic Source

Youtube – You can create youtube videos in which you can review the product.

  1. product images (4-5) + audio stream(royality free) atleast 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  2. create slide based videos in powerpoint introduction+pros+cons+review+feedback+conclusion.
  3. you can use your phone and you can review the product and record it.
  4. you can use animation videos.
  5. you can just choose 2-3 pics of product and give a simple voice over. very effective

Remember: Keep in mind your video can not be longer than 2 or 3 minute.
place the link of your website in the description. note you have drive traffic through youtube to your website.

  1. Pinterest pin your product images and create a board. place the link of your website driving traffic from pinterest to your website.

3.facebook page – create a facebook page about your website or your product page, engage your visitors keep posting features, details, reviews, discounts coupons, product images etc.

4.Reddit – create a reddit account and start discussion about the product and offers the discount, place your website link to read review. etc.

Paid Traffic:

  1. google adwords
  2. Facebooks ads
  3. Instagram ads
  4. Pinterest ads

lets finish it here!!

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