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Google Personal/Shared Drive Index  

  • Supports Both My and Team/Shared Drives with Dark Mode.
  • Development Paused due to busy schedule.

Note: The Changes in your workers config can effect later due to cache. Use incognito mode everytime to open the worker URL to overcome that issue.

Project Website

Demo Sites

How to

  • Current Version 2.0.7
  • Beta Version (Latest) – 2 (Dark Theme Available)
  • If you want to deploy main drive leave the option ROOT as it is.
  • If you want to deploy your Team Drive/Shared Drive/Folder then copy the ID and replace it with ROOT.
  • Eg. if you open this shared drive – 0AOM2i7MQiuWIUk9PVA is its ID.
  • Authenticate and copy the code from Google and paste it into Authorization Code Box.
  • Click on Get Code to Generate Code and Copy it for later use.
  • Now Create Cloudflare account and verify email or login with existing account.
  • Find Workers and Open it.
  • Create your sub-domain or continue if already done.
  • Select the Free Plan.
  • Click on Create a Worker.
  • You can rename the workers at top of the page.
  • Now paste the code you copied before.
  • Click on Save and Deploy.
  • Done. (May take time for some users due to new account or cache issues)
  • Watch Video

Basic Config

"roots": [{
	"id": "root", // shared drive id or folder id
	"name": "Cloud Zero", // name for drive
	"user": "admin", // username for id pass
	"pass": "admin", // password for id pass (works also if their is no username, keep blank if no auth is needed.
	"protect_file_link": true // protects the direct links when true.

Brand Customization and Dark Mode

  • In Latest Release, you can rebrand the Index as per your needs.
  • Line 57 will help you select light or dark theme where false is light and true will be dark theme.
  • After that each line has its own custom feature. Edit as per your needs.
  • You can remove credit option but we request you not to.
  • See Below code to understand Customization.
const uiConfig = {
	"theme": "bhadoo_bootstrap", // Change doesn't works
	"dark_mode": true, // switch between light or dark themes
	"version": "2.0.7", // don't touch this one. get latest code using generator at
	"logo_image": true, // true if you're using image link in next option.
	"logo_height": "", // only if logo_image is true
	"logo_width": "100px", // only if logo_image is true
	"logo_link_name": "[email protected]/bhadoo-cloud-logo-white.svg", // if logo is true then link otherwise just text for name
	"contact_link": "", // Link to Contact Button on Menu
	"copyright_year": "2050", // year of copyright, can be anything like 2015 - 2020 or just 2020
	"company_name": "Bhadoo Cloud", // Name next to copyright
	"company_link": "", // link of copyright name
	"credit": true, // Set this to true to give us credit
	"display_size": true, // Set this to false to hide display file size
	"display_time": false, // Set this to false to hide display modified time for folder and files
	"disable_player": false // Set this to true to hide audio and video players

Search Limitations

  • Search only works if you use Shared Drive ID or root.
  • Search won’t work or the bar won’t appear if you’re using Folder ID inside from root or Shared Drive.

Known Bugs

  • Light Mode Text Hover Underline needs to be fixed.

Upcoming Changes

  • Clear Path to Navigate inside Previous Folders (currenty shows inside menu).
  • Icons from other Index for better view.
  • Adding Links to other Indexes.
  • Adding More Features from other Indexes.
  • Click to Copy Download Button

Other Indexes

GitHub: 2

ParveenBhadooOfficial/Google-Drive-Index 2

Index Google Drive Files Easily and Free. Contribute to ParveenBhadooOfficial/Google-Drive-Index development by creating an account on GitHub.

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