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Here are the most useful resources for designing professions, go ahead and get the stuff that seems useful to you for your designing presentations! Thanks to Dextter (Outsider)


http://icons8.com/ 4 – 55,300 free icons. Yes, you’ve heard it. They’re free and although it comes with some size and copyright restrictions.
https://iconpharm.com/ 2 – 9,900 free icons. This one allows you to do multiple edits to icons before downloading them.
http://creativedo.co/FontAwesomePS 1 – Fontawesome plugin right inside your photoshop, vector .svg format.
http://www.flaticon.com/ – A really good web-based archive for icons.
https://material.io/icons/ 1 – A pretty nice collection of material design icons from google.
https://thenounproject.com/ – A really rad collection of icon sets for all kinds of design.
https://mariodelvall…CaptainIconWeb/ 2 – A single author created 350+ resizeable icons for your use.


https://www.toptal.c…subtlepatterns/ 3 – It’s an awesome site to get clean patterns from.
http://thepatternlibrary.com 4 – THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING. Seamless patterns. Just. Amazing.


https://unsplash.com/ 3 – Unbelievably HD, beautiful, free photos that you can use.
https://stocksnap.io/ 1 – A nice collection of HD stock photos all under CC0 license.
http://nos.twnsnd.co/ 1 – This one is really cool, it’s basically a site dedicated to vintage-type photos, of course, you can use the stocks as well.
https://pixabay.com/ – Don’t you just love the CC0 license?
https://www.foodiesfeed.com/ 2 – YOOOO. DESIGN + FOOD. No seriously, this is a lot like food p0rn. There’s a lot of HD food goodies in here. (+18)
https://uifaces.co/ 1 – A very useful website where you can basically get photos to use for mock avatars on any
https://www.photobash.org/ – More royalty-free stock photos!


http://www.renders-g…fr/galerie.htm 4 – Mostly anime-related renders.
http://www.stickpng.com/ 3 – A collection of renders for things like games, anime, memes, musicians, etc.


http://www.freepik.com/ 3 – They have an unbelievable amount of free vectors you can utilize.
http://vecteezy.com/ – Also another free vector archive, though a little is more limited than freepik.
https://undraw.co/illustrations – Amazing crazy find, this website lets you use .svg vector illustrations.
https://worldvectorlogo.com/ 1 – A collection of famous logos for different brands/companies around the world in .svg format!


https://webcreme.com 4 – Design inspiration for the mock-up idea hungry designers.
http://littlebigdetails.com/ 4 – For your daily dose of design inspiration.
https://niice.co/ 5 – Just a lot of designs for every category you may be able to think of.
https://www.awwwards.com/ 1 – Best Webdesign trends, they’re sort of like the Grammys for music, except it’s web design.
https://logopond.com/ 4 – A collection of really amazing logos to take inspiration from.


https://webkul.github.io/coolhue/ 3 – Another resource to grab ideas of cool gradient combinations from.
http://www.sankk.in/material-mixer/ 1 – Quite useful for mixing and matching colours for material design, ui/ux.
http://paletton.com/ 1 – If you were running out of ideas for color combinations, this one really can save you.
https://pigment.shapefactory.co/ 1 – A wonderful looking resource website for picking colors. Palettes are contrast-friendly.
https://coolors.co/ 1 – Another awesome website where you can generate color palettes.


https://www.grabient.com/ 2 – Grab a gradient, grabient. Get it? No?.. Okay…
https://uigradients.com 1 – A very cool looking website for gradients.


https://fonts.google.com/ 2 – Honestly if you didn’t know you could get amazing free fonts from this website, I’m sort of judging you a little.
http://www.dafont.com/ 1 – ALL DA FREE FONTS. See what I did there?


https://designbundle…esign-resources 1 – Basically a collection of random resource packs.
https://freebiesbug.com/ 2 – A site pretty much dedicated to giving out free design resources.
http://flypixel.com/ 2 – Has a lot of free design mock-ups and flat designs.
http://graphicburger.com/ 1 – A lot like freebies bug and flypixel.
http://dbfreebies.co/ 2 – A lot of the freebies from dribble and Behance categorized into one website.
https://medialoot.com/ – Has a lot of nice icon sets and different other resource collections such as .psds, etc.


https://vgy.me 3 – I personally use this image uploader, it’s lovely and all-around neat.
https://uploadfiles.io/ 1 – I personally use this file uploader to upload heavy files such as .psds for clients.
https://placeit.net/ 1 – It’s a pretty cool website to place/edit any type of image into someone’s hand using mobile devices.
https://rapidgrab.net/ 1 – I haven’t personally used this website, but it looks like a good alternative for vgy.me 1.


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