Dr. Laura De Giorgio – Clear Negative Voices

Some people keep on hearing disempowering inner voices, voices that keep on replaying in their minds and preventing them from pursuing their goals.

Sometimes people clearly remember incidents during which these negative voices became imprinted and sometimes the origin of these voices is unknown. The negative voices may sound as if they belong to someone else or as if the words are spoken by the person who is hearing them.

The negative voices may be statements or questions like: “Who are you kidding?” or “You can’t do that” or “You’ll fail” or “What if you fail?’ or “You are not good enough” or “You’ll never make it”, “This will never work”, and anything else along the similar lines.

Sometimes these negative voices are accompanied by images of possible disasters and anything that may go wrong, and they give rise to the feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and taking no action seems like a safer, but not more satisfying choice. The issues that pop up may be fear of competition, jealousy, fear of rejection, natural disasters, or simply the possibility of bad luck.
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Dr. Laura De Giorgio – Clear Negative Voices

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