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Download Web Dev Simplified – Learn CSS Today Free Download – Google Drive Links

image 12
Download Web Dev Simplified – Learn CSS Today Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

Learn modern CSS features and advanced CSS concepts in less than a day with this highly focused project-based CSS course

Access to all HD course videos covering topics from the fundamentals to advanced animations

61 Videos

21 Project Tutorials

9 Project Exercises

Source code for every project broken down by video

All future updates free of charge

Exclusive access to the Learn CSS Today Discord channel where you can talk with me and all other members of the course

You want to land a frontend developer job

You are a complete bner at CSS and frontend development

You are already familiar with CSS but want to learn how to use modern CSS

You spend the majority of your battling against CSS frameworks and are tired of not understanding how CSS works

A deep understanding of how CSS works beyond just learning each property

How to use modern CSS layout techniques such as grid and flexbox to create stunning designs

In depth CSS animations from basic hover animations to complex page load animations

Tons of CSS best practices for building scalable applications

How to use advanced CSS concepts such as custom properties and pseudo elements to simplify your code

And so much more in depth CSS information



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