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Download SQL – The Complete Developer’s Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Download SQL – The Complete Developer's Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL) Free Download – Google Drive Links

From data definition to control (CRUD, relations, JOIN): Learn SQL for MySQL, Postgresql and more starting from the earliest stage!

What you'll learn

  • Grasp the center SQL syntax and concepts
  • Have the option to install MySQL and PostgreSQL + various clients
  • Perform SQL CRUD operations
  • Query and filter (basic and complex) data
  • Normalize data and split data across multiple tables
  • Combine data and perform data aggregation operations


  • NO earlier SQL or database information is required!
  • NO programming experienced is required!


SQL is THE main query language you can learn!

It's utilized by numerous famous relational database the executives frameworks like MySQL or PostgreSQL. But at the same time it's utilized by data investigation and big data frameworks and devices like Apache Spark.

Consequently realizing SQL opens up an unending measure of chances and occupations – regardless in the event that you will work with relational databases or on the other hand assuming you're turning into a data researcher, realizing SQL will be critical!

This course shows you SQL starting from the earliest stage and in very high detail! Moreover, this course accompanies two primary ways that you can take:

The “Complete Course” way where you go through the whole course, bit by bit, learning pretty much Every one of the critical highlights and concepts you need to be aware

The “Quick Summary” way where you will learn the key SQL basics inside a couple of hours

The two ways are remembered for this course (for example with one single buy) and you can switch between them or take both – basically as it seems OK for you! Simply plunge into the free first course area to learn about this course and these two ways (and how to take them).

SQL is a normalized language and thusly learning SQL will assist you with applying it in a wide range of settings. In any case, unique database frameworks likewise support various parts of SQL or bring their own varieties of the SQL language. Hence, this course jumps into SQL by investigating all critical elements at the case of the two most well known database frameworks: MySQL and PostgreSQL. All query and order models are displayed for both database frameworks, guaranteeing that you feel open to working with SQL in one or the other climate!

This course will empower you to compose your own (straightforward or complex) SQL queries, create fundamental or advanced databases and table designs and work with data of various shape and intricacy!

Exhaustively, you will learn:

  • What precisely SQL is and how the center syntax seems to be
  • Step by step instructions to compose SQL orders
  • Step by step instructions to install MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as different clients
  • Step by step instructions to create and structure database tables
  • Which data types you might utilize and when to utilize which data type
  • The most effective method to perform CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete Data
  • Step by step instructions to insert data into tables
  • Step by step instructions to query and filter data
  • Why you ought to divide data across multiple tables (and how to do that)
  • Instructions to join (consolidate) data into joined outcome sets
  • The most effective method to compose essential and more perplexing queries
  • The most effective method to total and gathering data
  • The most effective method to utilize worked in database capabilities to work with numbers, text or dates
  • Step by step instructions to optimize databases with files
  • Furthermore, a whole lot more!

Investigate the full course educational plan to get a careful outline of the course satisfied and watch the free review segment to learn how this course will help you!

This course likewise accompanies a multi day discount period, with the goal that you can attempt it sans risk 🙂

We'd very much want to invite you on board of this course and investigate SQL along with you!

Who this course is for:

  • Novice SQL developers or data scientists
  • (Web) developers who need to integrate SQL into their applications
  • Data examiners and scientists


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