[Download] NEET-UG/AIIMS Biology-Chemistry Kota Lectures And Books Mega Links Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Biology Lectures –

AA Mam Biology Pt. 1 –https://mega.nz/folder/YugFUKZL#IJbiCwCkMgk1OjV9CQWgfg

AA Mam Biology Pt. 2 –https://mega.nz/folder/RvByCKpA#FvI62U_BXRYcMr6raahV7g

AA Mam Botany –https://mega.nz/folder/7JtHmAYC#4jcOmBn_w859Yq4eoh8cCQ

AA Mam Rapid Revision Course Complete – https://mega.nz/folder/SdsnUCjK#vNQbg5rzfss4XuwUvICwvQ

SB Mam Biology Pt.1 –

SB Mam Biology Pt.2 –

SB Mam BIOLOGY FOR NEET AND AIIMS – https://mega.nz/folder/OZlF0aSJ#jZQ3QeJJljmohwjKKEZMtQ

Concept Booster With Problem Solving Course Of Zoology For NEET/AIIMS BY AA MAM(Some Folders are in-complete) – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d_2LpBrrswaz3vw3JYkT8_HErcXv770K

Random Biology lectures collection –

Chemistry Lectures –

NJ Sir neet Year-long – https://mega.nz/folder/x7JGCKQR#SpsOjzMOkkcZi_ZJini3sg
Chemistry 11 – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-fhgPYzO8IkSHBCWThpQ2RqVVk
Chemistry 12 – https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-fhgPYzO8IkVWVZaVlydUFrSTA 

Biology Material (Some other subject Pdfs too) –

Material (In G-Drive) – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fuBoAS-bVvVt-LNDpMkUOmokZ6Xw2ZUI

Material (In Mega.nz) – https://mega.nz/folder/qNknFCTb#BUJiMDVzoqVMwI74uyNNDg

Aakash All Papers – https://mega.nz/folder/XRsz0KBR#u9NHJztsvus2k-OmzDbBLg

If U r thinking how I got these –
I searched and sorted and uploaded and collected a lot of content through the internet, Then finally In one whole day, I sorted it all into many mega accounts, Which I made on that day.One more thing, While I was collecting all of this, there are too many short link sites and reCAPTCHAs and many-many ads, so If u ask me, u just need 3 Extensions to help u out with all that Crap, these helped me do it quickly, So here u Go

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