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[Download] Learn ETHICAL HACKING from 0 to Hero with FREE 150gb Resources Free Download – Google Drive Links

Cost = 1000000 INR+ but free for you

Requirements: Hardworking You and Dedicated Mind.

Most Important 1 – 4
= Important
Don’t skip anything, Everything is in order
and download the courses in small parts in order

Step – 1
Tryhackme: Beginner:9b91f2f3f422108929e12a82a6d4108bd7f44455


TryHackMe | Cyber Security Training 21

Offensive and defensive cyber security training with hands-on exercises and labs

Pre Security only

  • Cyber Security
  • How The Web Works
  • Windows Fundamentals

Step – 2
TOTAL CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1002):faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

14.14 GB folder on MEGA 29

264 files and 23 subfolders

Step – 3
CompTIA Network+ Cert. (N10-007) The Total Course part-1 (1-15):faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

18.99 GB folder on MEGA 14

273 files and 16 subfolders

CompTIA Network+ Cert. (N10-007) The Total Course part-2 (16-22):faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

5.99 GB folder on MEGA 8

98 files and 8 subfolders

Step – 4
Linux Essentials For Hackers:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

570.22 MB folder on MEGA 21

26 files

Step – 5:
Languages to learn: C > Sql > Javascript > You will know what next

First learn C Language before start hacking and then learn other languages while learning hacking at same time/day in the order as i mentioned

C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

3.78 GB folder on MEGA 16

298 files and 18 subfolders

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp Go from SQL Beginner to Expert:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

2.33 GB folder on MEGA 5

559 files and 19 subfolders

Javascript for Pentesters 1:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

1.32 GB folder on MEGA 7

42 files

Javascript for Pentesters 2:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

1.47 GB folder on MEGA 2

47 files

Step – 6
Start Learn Hacking now (These courses are in order)

Hacking in Practice Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

4.79 GB folder on MEGA 6

478 files and 25 subfolders

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

File folder on MEGA 9

Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

1.52 GB folder on MEGA 6

191 files and 14 subfolders

Website Hacking Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

1.83 GB folder on MEGA 5

220 files and 21 subfolders

Intro to Bug Bounty Hunting and Web Application Hacking by nahmsec:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

2.87 GB folder on MEGA 7

193 files and 18 subfolders

Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Coursefaviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

12.87 GB folder on MEGA 3

446 files and 27 subfolders

(This course only if you want to learn python, do learn python too while learning this to get more clear concepts)
Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

12.7 GB folder on MEGA 2

427 files and 21 subfolders

Complete Hacking Tools in Kali Linux:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

2.56 GB folder on MEGA 3

132 files and 19 subfolders

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Beginner to Advanced:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

6.85 GB folder on MEGA 6

394 files and 27 subfolders

Recon for Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

4.92 GB folder on MEGA 5

217 files and 15 subfolders

More Languages(Optional but good)
Do not give more time to languages (Important are c,sql,js)
give more time to learn and practice hacking

C++ Programming For Beginners- From Beginner to Beyond:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

7.56 GB folder on MEGA 2

631 files and 22 subfolders

Bash Mastery The Complete Guide to Bash Shell Scripting:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

2.05 GB folder on MEGA 3

318 files and 14 subfolders

Python For Pentesters:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

4.09 GB folder on MEGA 2

65 files

Python 101 for Hackers:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

1.98 GB folder on MEGA 1

78 files and 7 subfolders

(Optional if you want to learn more about python generally)
Learn Python Programming Masterclass:faviconmega.nz646b383f14a90eec1945726c9b3aaa1870cb263c

9.06 GB folder on MEGA 3

641 files and 22 subfolders

Step – 7
Practice your skills here:
Portswigger:(Try to solve all the labs without solutions)

All labs | Web Security Academy 2

SQL injection Cross-site scripting Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) Clickjacking DOM-based vulnerabilities Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) XML …

Pentesterlab: Solve all the free labs(want to gain more knowledge, paid is best option) 1

Ctfchallenge: 1

Overthewire: Best for to understand and to learn more advanced linux 1

Tryhackme: Try to solve the free labs 2

Post Credits: thecyberw0rld


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