[DOWNLOAD] Learn Complete Python In Simple Way [145GB+] FREE DOWNLOAD – Google Drive Links

What you'll learn

  • Student can get much perfection on Complete Python concepts and in a position to develop applications


  • No prerequisite. It's desirable to have some minimum basic knowledge of ENGLISH Language.


As the part of this course the following topics covered in detail.

1. Language Fundamentals

2. Operators

3. Input and Output Statements

4. Flow Control

5. Pattern Applications

6. Strings

7. 20+ Applications on String Concept

8. List Data Structure

9. Tuple Data Structure

10. Set Data Structure

11. Dictionary Data Structure

12. Functions

13. Modules

14. Packages

15. Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)

16. Exception Handling

17. Logging Module

18. Assertions

19. File Handling

20. Object Serialization By using PICKLE, JSON and YAML

21. Decorators

22. Generators

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to Learn Python Language In detail
  • Anyone looking to clear Python Interviews
  • Anyone looking to clear Python Certification
  • Anyone to get perfection on day to day coding requirements on Python Concepts

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